The Case for A Modular Description of ‘Reality’

What is a ‘model,’ anyway?

There is only one ‘model’ that ‘models’ reality. It looks like this:

This ‘model’ is the basis for all ‘models’ since, there is a mandatory circular relationship between model as a noun and model as a verb (any noun and verb). This model models a circular relationship.

A circular relationship between any X and-or Y means everything is ‘relative,’ and, also, 50–50, uncertain. If, that’s the way you want to ‘interpret’ it.

Therefore, there is no need for anything else if you want to understand reality. And-or Nature. Your own. Everybody else’s. One model models everything.

Your reality. Nature’s reality.

Where the words ‘reality,’ and ‘Nature,’ are, ‘models’ for ‘reality,’ and ‘Nature.’

Again, a mandatory circular relationship between a string of text (a model) and the ‘reality’ it signifies (models).

You can extend this to the zero and the one (symbols, universally) . Where, again, a ‘symbol’ is a ‘model’ (a ‘zero’ and its circular relationship to a ‘one’):

Circumference and diameter. Zero and one.

You can also extend it to duplication. And, negation.

Duplication. Negation.

Meaning, zero and one, is, always, one and two (basis for mathematics and statistics). In Nature. And, reality.

Zero and one. One and two.

This takes us way far back in time to ‘yin and ‘yang.’

Yin and yang. Zero and one.

Meaning, you are proving, by reading, that ‘pi’ is the correct ‘terminology’ (model) for ‘mind.’ Because there is a circular relationship between ‘mind’ and ‘matter.’ (Pi-diameter-circumference, zero-one-two).

Mind and matter. Abstract and concrete.

Meaning, over time, if you believe in ‘time,’ abstract and concrete, functions as, ‘hidden’ and ‘showing.’ Explaining weather, tides, rotation. Radiation.

Here and there. Then and now. Hidden and showing.

Meaning, if you decide you want to ‘go there,’ the model is all there is to everything. There is a circular relationship between any X and Y. More correctly articulated ‘circumference and diameter’ (0 and 1).

Also known as ‘sex.’ (Conservation of a circle.)

X and Y. 0 and 1.

Proving, the ‘conditional’ statement, beneath reality, Nature. Technology.

If zero then one (if one then zero) explains movement, and identity, any system, discipline. Because if circumference then diameter (if diameter then circumference).

Again, because a simple circle is conserved.

If zero, then one. (If one, then zero.)

Explaining how we got here. Where we’re ‘going.’ Why we’re here and ‘there.’ And all the rest of it.

Differentiation and integration. Connection and separation (the ‘link’).

So, all the ‘words’ (we use to negotiate ‘reality) are ‘translated’ into ‘zero and one’ by the zero and the one (circumference and diameter). Again, the model is modeling the model (nothing more or less).

Meaning, this model is the only model you need if you want to understand your ‘self,’ your ‘reality,’ and Nature. It’s the only ‘model’ that accurately ‘models’ everything, and anything. Meaning, everything else is, totally, superfluous (unnecessary) (fallacious).

Conservation of the circle.

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.



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