The Circular Theory

In a nutshell…

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X and Y is zero and one.

X and Y
Zero and One

Zero and one is circumference and diameter.

Circumference and Diameter

Meaning, an uber-simple circle is conserved, no matter what we do.

Circle and Line

The diagram shows what is happening, at all times, in the background (and, also, in the foreground). It shows what movement looks like, if it were possible to ‘stop’ (movement). It also shows how Nature tokenizes (and, thus conserves) its ‘self,’ using its constituents to do so.

Background and Foreground

There is a mandatory circle between (and surrounding) any X and-or Y. Explaining why 50–50 is the basis point (the constant and the norm) for everything (‘two’ is the only number in Nature).

One and Two (50–50)
Constant and Variable (The ‘Norm’)

Movement is the circular (and linear) relationship between X and Y (circumference and diameter), where everything in Nature is moving, even though, underneath it all, nothing is moving. (Everything changes, even though, underneath it all, nothing is changing.)

Stillness and Movement (Circular and Linear)
Nature: Possible, Probable, Real

Where ‘pi’ in mathematics is the correct name (the technical terminology) for what humans experience as) ‘mind.’


Conservation of the Circle, (the circular-linear relationship between stillness and movement), is the core assumption (the core dynamic) in Nature (making everything in Nature possible) (probable) (real).

Where the diagram above is the correct (and, technically, the only) symbolic representation for all of the nouns and verbs (realities and relativities) in Nature (all of the media (and information) that surrounds you) (everything that is currently in, and, possibly, could be in, your ‘mind’).

Technically, your ‘self.’ Inter-reacting with (and, thus, tokenizing) ‘Nature’s self.’ All of the other ‘selves’ in Nature. (Nature and its constituents which, technically, and ‘really,’ cannot be separated.) Why the diagram is the correct explanation (and symbolic representation) (tokenization) for (the) (relative) reality (we are forced to negotiate) (we are continually tokenizing) (called ‘Nature’).

See: General Relativity for a deeper explanation.

The (Real) Theory of Everything, Yardley, Ilexa —



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