The Circular Theory: Reality TV

Introducing a new way to ‘think’ about ‘media’ consumption and production.

The Circular Theory

A simple circle controls the universe, and, everything in it. ​Explaining life and death. Sex and murder. Technology. And, biology.​ ​All of the sciences. And, thus, the historic basis for ‘religion.’ ​(Media in general).

​Why we argue. How we become ‘addicted.’ ​​Why we’re ALL suffering from PTSD (and, OCD). And, why (and how) we are ALL driven by ‘the death wish.’​ Whether we know it. Or, not

​Why ‘sex’ and ‘money’ are the ‘number one’ attractors. For everyone (and everything) in ‘any universe.’​ Defining the real ‘parameters’ for a ‘universe.’ Ushering in…

The (Real) Theory of Everything

Project One​

Kick off is a video contest.​

​20,000 entrants pay $5000 each to enter a video contest promoting ‘The (Real) Theory of Everything.’ This book introduces The Circular Theory and is on schedule for a 02/2020 release.

The contest produces $100,000,000.

​The winner receives $50,000,000.

Entrants receive an ‘IDC’ channel (Intelligent Design Center) and one share of stock in the ‘company.’​

​Size of prize (and income producing potential for the entrants (the channels)) attracts ‘attention.’​

​Video introduces ‘The (Real) Theory of Everything’ as an ongoing vehicle for the large volume of information (life lessons) (science and mathematics foundations) (explanations for all of the ‘problems’ in life) that can be used to continue the production of videos as an ongoing ‘revenue’ stream (dividends) for the owners of the Intelligent Design Center (contest entrants).​

Project Two​

The first edition ‘leather-bound’ book (‘The (Real) Theory of Everything’) explains how a simple circle runs the entire universe. Proving scientists, religious leaders, and ‘politicians,’ and all the rest of us, are always dealing with ‘half-the-view.’​

​First edition of the book costs $5,000. 20,000 copies go on sale on 02/20/2020 (or, 02/02/2020). Produces $100,000,000.​

​Purchasers also receive one share of stock in the Intelligent Design Center.​

​Now we have $149,000,000 cash, 20,000 video producers (also called video ‘channels’), and 20,000 supporters.​

This produces the base for the first ‘self-driving-media-company.’ ​

​Meaning, perpetual ‘content’ is produced to teach people how an underlying circle controls all disciplines (and ‘situations’ that humans must deal with), as well as ‘how to deal with’ whatever it is we think we’d like to ‘know…’​

​Especially sex. And, death.​

​This proves ‘intelligent autonomy’ is real. That is, The Intelligent Design Center is self-funding, and, through the ongoing production of media content, self-sustaining. As are all of the participants in the project.​

​​Project Three​

The first two projects set up a new way to think about media. Where every person is a ‘media channel.’ Both input and output. ​

That is we are all producers and consumers of ‘content.’ ​The Circular Theory and The (Real) Theory of Everything explains ‘why’ and ‘how’ this happens.​

The material for video production comes from​ Everyone on the planet will need to know about this, since it is the first time in human history we have finally ‘figured the whole thing out..’​

​Anyone with a ‘channel’ (any person on the planet) can review the material, and, then, produce ‘content’ from the ideas. Since the idea of an underlying ‘circle’ is ‘universal,’ ALL content, and ALL channels are articulating a ‘circle’ whether we (or they) are ‘aware of it’ or not.​

Project Three is an ongoing revenue producer using the ‘channel’ idea, and a $5000 price tag as articulated above.​ That is, any Circular Theory project can produce $100,000,000 to produce ongoing dividends for owners.​

​The market continues to evolve, since people continue to ‘age,’ and babies continue to be born. How Nature operates, in general.

Global Awareness: Real ‘Theory of Everything’​

Thus, we have, effectively, raised awareness, and, more important, ‘cash flow,’ for every ‘media producer’ on the ‘planet.’ As this project is highly visible because of the way it is kicked off.​

Circular Theory ‘Franchise’​

​Many other add-in projects are ready-to-go. Especially a ‘Circular Theory’ documentary. A 64-dates matching platform (TV series). And a film called ‘The Penumbra Affair.’ Script already available on Amazon.​

It is, really, a way to introduce the planet to the underlying dynamic in Nature (including finance and technology) (and, also, psychology), and, therefore, allows the initial entrants and purchasers (40,000 people) to take credit for introducing it to the world.​

​It is, also, a way to put people to work, teaching others, producing income, and changing the way we think about ‘work,’ and cash-flow, in the process.​

Natural Questions​

​A ‘natural’ question. How do you judge 20,000 videos for ‘best video?’​

​Simple. Use an algorithm to group five videos, and allow ‘viewers’ to choose, ‘best of five.’ Many viewers. Until the stack is reduced to ‘one best.’ A Boolean mathematician can easily design this algorithm, so that a group of 20,000 videos (channel) can be ‘judged’ in less than a day.​

​Second question: why would anyone pay $5000 to be in a video contest or purchase a book?​

​Easy. They would be ‘first.’ Early adaptors. Influencers who ‘get it.’ And want to go on record, they ‘knew’ about it (and promoted it) first. ​

​There is only one ‘first’ on a circle.​ ​And, this, is, it. ​

Only One ‘One’​

​So, one time start. And, then it will be ubiquitous. Why you have to have a $50,000,000 prize for kick-off.​

​Anyway, this project requires a visionary leader who can lead other visionary ‘leaders.’ This is already done for us, in Nature. Again, explained at ​

​Pretty interesting project. ​

​Needs the right media executive to get it off the ground (has the foresight necessary to sponsor a contest with a $50m prize).​

Belongs with Disney

​Obviously, the project belongs with Disney. (Since fairy tales always articulate an underlying ‘circle.’) To teach basic ‘ethics’ to children. So, that ‘society’ can (and will) survive.​

And the idea of 20,000 Disney ‘channels’ would be additional incentive for people to participate in these projects. Giving Disney a big lead on how to maximize the market for ‘media’ in general.

​Unlimited number of ‘media’ projects showcasing the underlying ‘circle’ responsible for (and supporting) Nature (what a human labels ‘reality….’)​ Increases GDP. Over time, eliminates ‘war.

Conservation of the circle is the core (and only) dynamic in Nature.

Everything starts with: Imagination.

Video presentation: PW CircularTheory01.



The (Real) Theory of Everything

Financials (Projects One and Two) (40,000 participants)

Cash from financing $200,000,000

Cost of Sales $100,000,000

Dividends Class Y $50,000,000

Dividends Class X $25,000,000

Cash on hand $25,000,000

Class X founders. Class Y channel owners.

Repeat projects same financials. (Perpetual cash flow.) 12.5% perpetual ‘return.’

Additional income from book sales and training classes. Subscriptions.

Everything starts with imagination. ( Did it happen?) (Or, not?)

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