The Circular Theory Roadmap

Engaging with The Circular Theory: Expect to experience your expectations.

Engaging with The Circular Theory: Expect Extraordinary!

What is The Circular Theory?

Nature is balanced (and explained) by the hidden circle between any X and Y…

Why is this relevant?

Two is the most basic number (not one) thus 50–50 explains everything (complementarity is the basis for identity) …

How does it affect me? My life?

Observation is 50% flawed. The opposite of everything is always hidden in the background (any movement makes the opposing movement real) …


You have to use circular logic to get to the truth…

Circular Logic?

Hidden behind any ‘one’ is some ‘other’ ‘one’… thus, the circle is conserved (universal circularity is the core dynamic in nature).

So why is this important?

It explains (actually, it predicts) behavior in all systems…

Conservation of the Circle is the core dynamic in nature.

Quantum Leap: Strategic Action

Strategic Thought: Personal, Global, Universal

There is a circular relationship between mind and matter. Liability and asset. Individual and narrative. Thought and action. This provides a strategic platform for optimal performance (for both individuals and groups). Circularity is a basis for (stable) individualism, so people can turn liabilities into assets, simply by establishing a productive narrative. Gives power (and reliability) to both thought, and narrative (in any direction).

Strategic Action: Personal, Global, Universal

Once we understand circularity, and its implications, we have, only, to examine, and to become accountable for, our assumptions. Nothing is difficult. Only thinking makes it so. The rest takes care of itself. Whatever you say (and its opposite) is immediately true. This summarizes the interconnection between, and integration of, circularity and individualism.


Pi is the universal observer. A circle is the constant background. Circularity is involved in everything. 50–50 is both the constant and the norm.

1. Universal Duplicity: Complementarity, Reproduction, Sequence
Complementarity is the basis for identity (X and Y is X and X’).

2. Universal Identity (Universality): Always, Never, Sometimes
Duplicity is the basis for a unit. (X and Y is X and X.)

3. Universal Relativity: More or Less, Here and There, Then and Now
Integration is the basis for differentiation. (Equal sign represents a circular relationship.) (X is X and X is-not X)

4. Universal Uncertainty: Why and How, Possibility and Probability, Observation and Speculation
Relativity is the basis for uncertainty. (Everything is relative.) (Everybody knows this.) (X is Y is X and Y)

5. Universal Insecurity: Volatility, Complexity, Chaos
Uncertainty is the basis for security. (No yin without yang.) (X is X’)

6. Universal Ideology: Assumption, Expectation, Modification
Assumption is the basis for observation. (Expectation is experience, and vice versa.) (X to-and-from X is X and X)

7. Universal Actuality: Why and How, When and Where, Who and What
Duplication (negation) is the basis for actualization. (Duplication is negation, and vice versa.) (X and Y is 0 and 1) (Circumference and Diameter)

Duplicity, universality, relativity, uncertainty, security, ideology and actuality are all the same. Alternate expressions (strings) (words) (symbols) for the conservation of a circle.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.


The Objective: Monetizing Circularity

Circularity produces this strategic psychological insight, reality is 50–50. This immediately resolves conflicts and achieves goals. Circularity is involved in everything. Any individual capitalizes identity, complementarity, and universal duplicity, because a hidden circle is the basis for any assumption (and action).

The Correlation: Circularity and Neural Networks

Correlating a liability and an asset presents, and solves, all problems. Profiting from the circularity in everything, produces exponential expansion, basis for growth and development. Also, security.

The Mathematics: Zero and One.

The variable is constant (and vice versa). Universal 50–50 is a truly integrated reality. Taking a shortcut. Realizing: It’s all about you. You can start something, and-or end it, anytime you want. You are, already, where you are expecting to go. So, say so.


Applying Circularity and Individualism. Projects you can do on your own, or as a founding member of the Integrated Thought Institute.

Enjoying Sustainable Perpetuity (The Happiness Project)

I Just Want To Be Beautiful (reality educates people on how anyone can be brilliant, rich and beautiful using the Circular Theory) (all a matter of complementary perspective).

Financial Intelligence (Circular Theory is the basis for a universally stabilizing fiscal policy) (teaching people the basics of sound finance) (basic budgeting) (real relationship between asset and liability) (income and expense) (savings and investment).

64Dates (dating engages everyone to prove general relativity is present in every relationship) (find and keep a partner) (using emotional and intuitive intelligence) (dealing with repressed anger) (hero complex) (separation anxiety).

Accessing The Meaning of None (The Despair Project)

Going Solo (house plans and financial intelligence supports self-sufficiency and survival) (after you’re tired of the ‘dating’ stuff) (after you’ve mastered the ‘dating stuff’) (understanding addiction) (boredom).

Rethinking Reality and Modern Dao (using Circular Theory to expose the underlying relationship between religion and science) (integrating physics, mathematics, psychology, and technology) (physics, philosophy, psychology).

The Counter-terrorism Initiative (using Circular Theory as a project to eliminate global conflict and provide a blueprint for new-millennia political structures) (understanding the circular relationship between protection and projection) (context and the norm).

Experiencing A Truly Integrated Reality (The Truth Project)

Psychological Physics (accessing quantum entanglement as the core assumption and the basis for the lie as a protective mechanism in nature) (defense mechanisms) (escape mechanisms) (separation anxiety) (hero complex).

The Penumbra Affair (Scorpio Rising and The Third Element) (The Third Coming) (war and peace projects to build public awareness of The Circular Theory) (globalism vs individualism) (integration vs separation).

The Integrated Thought Institute Meditation Center agricultural land conservation, virtual reality meditation project, for the technologically overloaded to regenerate and recharge (medication, meditation) (integrated thought) (integrated perspective).

Reading Material


Foundations of Mathematics
The Universals

Foundations of Physics
Einstein, Jung and Noether

The Freedom Trilogy

Intuitive Connections

Linear and Circular Numeric Relationships

Rethinking Reality

Linear: Here to There, Now to Then
Circular: Here is There, Now is Then
Reality: Linear-Circular 50–50, Arbitrary Observation

Going Solo

The Notion of One: Many Some One
Going Solo: Idea Reality Symbol
Observation: Observer Observation Observing
Physics: Absolute Infinite Relative
Philosophy: Truth Intelligence Imagination
Psychology: Intention Attention Action
Unification: Alone One Solo

Other Circular Theory Books

(see Circle of Fifths, Guide to the Circular Theory, Part I and II) (Amazon) (Includes annotated book summaries for a Circular Theory overview.) (All books are meant for individual thought, and, group discussion, to teach the theory from many different points of view, all disciplines, age groups.)

The Original Duet:
Absolute Intelligence
The Circular Theory

The Strategic Sextet: (meant for group discussion)
Time is Money
Strategic Selling
Strategic Thinking
Integrated Thinking
Integrated Thought
Integrated Institute

The Quotidian Quintet: (movie project)
Artificial Intelligence
Half Life
The Penumbra Affair

The Relationship Trilogy: (examination of our assumptions about time)
Time is the Enemy

Physics of the Circle (examination of our assumptions about mathematics, and space)

The Conservation Trilogy: (examination of our assumptions about constants)
Conservation of the Circle
Conservation of (a) Constant
Conservation of Chaos

The Quadratic Quartet: (examination of our assumptions about quanta)
Squaring the Circle
Quantum States
Time and Space
Vanishing Point

The Truth Trilogy: (examination of our instinctual assumptions)
Common Sense (proof for Circular Theory)
Intellectual Capital (proof for Circular Theory)
Quantum Entanglement (technical review of quantum circularity)

Business Plan for Integrated Thought Institute: (monetizing circularity)
Common Knowledge (gives motivation, method, message, metrics, market)

The Ambiguous Duet: (focusing on the ambiguity in numbers)
Nature Does Not Know the Number Three
Complicity & Borderline

Philosophy of the Circle (focuses on the mathematics in philosophy and religion)

The One-Two Quartet:

Truth (Art and photography by award winning South African artist Strijdom van der Merwe)
Identity (examines absolute, and relative, identity) (complementarity as the basis for identity) (in depth)
Two (translates everything to the number two) (as nature does) (as pi does)
One Father (thoughts after the death of one’s father) (eldest daughter point of view)

Psychology of the Circle (cuts to the chase on personal behavior and accountability)

Him (the Him and Her relationship from dating to death)
Archetype (Circular Theory from cave dwellers forward)

Circularity: 21 Steps to Infinite Intelligence (applying the Circular Theory)
Dividing By Zero: Mathematics of the Spiritual Dimension (how Circular Theory fits into religion, and spirituality, in general)
Constant Coupling: The Miracle of the Circular Theory (why miracles work, fungibility of nature)(all a matter of thought and perspective)
Twelve Sins: The Reality of the Circular Theory (self-forgiveness automatic with other-forgiveness, they come as a circularly-entangled pair) (and, we all commit the same sins) (all of the sins)

Circular Theory in a Nutshell (shortish review of theory)
Foundational Issues: Integrating Physics, Psychology, and Philosophy (very long review of theory)

The Marriage Trilogy: (fiction) (metaphorical rendering of the theory)
Port Salerno (first and last date)
Perfect Love (marriage)
Life and Love (poetry) (love as a necessary part of life)

The Tanglewood Trilogy: (original books on the theory)
Relative Realities (symbols)
Opposite Approach (opposites)
Partial Truth (verse covers using balanced narrative to expose, and maximize, underlying circularity)

Music (to get into your own space, after you’ve had enough of the theory)
The Taos Trilogy: (meditative, healing, circular tonality, overtones)
Yellow Aspens in Taos
Red Willow People
Taos Healing


The Master Algorithm (unification for physicists) (all 2016 titles)


The Individualist (circularity for ethics, conflict resolution, goal achievement) (stability and security of self)

Circular Reality (showing how the string decodes itself within a circle) applicable to technologists in AI, and virtual reality. Deep learning, machine intelligence. Exposes core relationship between technology, mathematics, physics.

Foundations of Mathematics (complement to Foundations of Physics) providing the math behind physics, and the physics behind math (circular relationship between a physical system and a symbolic system) (any system) (any discipline).


Circularity: Nature’s Constant


Universal Circularity: Everything about Everything (and Everyone)


The (Real) Theory of Everything

If you are interested in becoming a founding member of the Integrated Thought Institute to teach these ideas:

What the Circular Theory explains.

Otherwise, back to The-Circular-Theory. Thank you.



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