The Connectionless Network

The cosmological micro-processor: four mini-satellites launched to communicate as an invisible token. Explains the human notion called ‘self.’

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

Four mini-satellites (moon) (mercury) (venus) (mars) (named) (launched to communicate) with (and as) this invisible (visible) token

(0 (1) 0)

produce all of the data, at any location, at any point in time. Since all data (on earth) (and elsewhere) are tokenizations of this invisible token.

And that’s all there is to the (a) connectionless (tokenized) network.

The Architecture of a Thought

It’s all about the architecture (thinking) and not the physical network (or the physical objects in the network). Identity (self) (the arithmetic number ‘one’) is a token in a circular-linear relationship with a token (any token) (all tokens) (any number of tokens).

Where a token is, always, in a circular-linear relationship with at-least, and, at-most, one other token (producing a completely tokenized) (referential) ‘reality.’ Everything in Nature.

Conservation of a Circle (One Zero) (One One) (Universal Token)

The Architecture of Reality

Conservation of a Circle provides the architecture (and the thinking) for a completely tokenized (connectionless) (biomemetic) network. *The cosmological microprocessor.* (The human notion called ‘self.’)

Meaning a circle is responsible for everything: concrete realities, abstract realities, tokenized realities, connected realities, connectionless realities, biomemetic realities.

Independent of the ‘name’ of the ‘reality,’ ‘reality’ is whatever you assume, think, decide, observe, say, it is. However you identify ‘it,’ meaning, technically, however you tokenize ‘it,’ ‘it’ is. A biomemetic circle (a biomemetic token). A connectionless ‘network.’ Of ‘ones.’ Explains the human notion called ‘self.’

One ‘zero.’ ‘One’ one.

All zeroes. One one. Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

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