The Conservation of Chaos

50–50 is the constant… and the norm….

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It’s obvious, today, that chaos is required for order and, always, vice versa. This is because any X and Y articulate an uber-simple circle. Therefore, chaos is, as we all know, half-the-time, unavoidable.

Chaos and Order


This is because, from a circle’s point of view, half-and-half is half-and-whole.

Half and Half
Half and Whole

Meaning 50–50 is the (obvious) constant (and the norm).


Therefore, we can’t avoid chaos. It’s present all the time, yet noticeable, only half-the-time. That is, it’s noticeable, whenever you decide to ‘notice’ it.

All Time (Half-Time)


This explains why all of us are comfortable with chaos, exactly, half-the-time. No more. No less.

More and Less

Challenging the mathematics you are taught (to believe in) in school.

One and One
One and Two

Where ‘pi’ is, technically, and ‘realistically,’ the only ‘observer…’ Known to all of us as ‘mind…’

Mind and Matter
Observer and Observation

Chaos and Control

This means we all have complete control as to how we ‘interpret’ data (the data we are given). It also explains why scientists cannot deliver reliable (perfectly ‘true’) answers. And, why, when chaos surfaces, we seek ‘control.’

Zero and One
Zero is One

Explaining why we all know, despite what we see on ‘TV,’ we can believe half-of-whatever-we-are-told (whatever we observe is half-the-time flawed).

Meaning, chaos is conserved (unavoidable) because… zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally and figuratively.

Circumference and Diameter (Literal and Figurative)

Conservation of the Circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature. Think: 50–50 everything. Everything changes. Nothing changes. Therefore, chaos. Thus, control.




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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