The Constant Coupling in ‘Nature’

Ilexa Yardley
Oct 30 · 4 min read

What controls ‘Nature?’ ‘Pi’ in mathematics (sex in biology), for sure.

The constant couple. (Circumference and Diameter) (Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash)

What controls ‘Nature?’ Pi, in mathematics, sex, in biology, for sure. Meaning, ‘circularity’ is an ‘other’ word for ‘relativity,’ in general.


This means that pi is the constant coupler in Nature, causing relativity, and circularity (rotation, revolution, radiation) (and, therefore, all the rest). Most of us know it as yin and yang (ancient), zero and one (modern). All of us know it as ‘sex’ (reproduction, repetition, and, the copy, in general).

Yin and yang (ancient). Zero and one (modern). (Sex)

That is, ‘pi’ (in mathematics) is responsible for everything that happens in Nature. What a human knows, and articulates, as relative (or circular) ‘reality.’ Artificial intelligence (algorithms in general), and intelligent autonomy (robotics) (repetitive behavior in general).


This gives us small and large (size), slow and fast (speed), here and there (space), and, now and then (time).

Any ‘couple’ is responsible for(articulates) what a human labels ‘reality.’


This means zero and one is one and two. Technically. And, (f)actually. Giving us the ability to make a ‘binary choice.’ And, also, then, to offer a binary choice.

Binary Choice


It also gives us the ability to create, and use, the ‘decimal’ system, the ‘exchange,’ and, the ‘marketplace’, giving us a more thorough (and exact) understanding of ‘technology’ (circuits in general) (economics in general).

Where any ‘0’ is (half-the-time) a ‘1.’

Decimal System (1) (0)


Meaning, we can notice, if we want to, everything we do involves a ‘couple.’ Couple as a noun, and coupling as a verb. This is because underneath it all, circle is a noun, and circle is a verb. Meaning, you have to have both, in order to have ‘either.’

Circle (noun) (verb).

Therefore, the constant coupler, pi, is the basis for information (data)(symbols) (languages) (numbers) (digits) (characters) (algorithms) in general. Because a circumference is (literally) the number ‘zero,’ and a diameter is (literally) the number ‘one.’

Zero and one. X and Y. (Circumference and diameter.)


Meaning identity is not possible without complementarity. And, always, vice versa.

Complementary Identity

This means that everyone (and everything) is 50–50 (mad, sad, bad). And, always, then, the opposite (glad). Explaining all of the ‘change’ that is perpetual in Nature.


Therefore, you can choose to ‘see’ everything, and everyone, as a continual (constant) ‘coupler.’ Also known, more technically, as ‘pi.’ (The constant variable.) An even 50–50. Abstract. And, concrete.



This is very easy to prove:

Circumference and Diameter (Constant Coupling)

Causing all of us to ‘rethink,’ perhaps, our own rendition (articulation) of (ideas about) ‘reality.’

Where X and Y is X and X. Proving, easily, the conservation of a circle is the constant (coupler) called ‘reality.’ (X and X’)

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.

The Circular Theory

Ilexa Yardley

Written by

Author, The Circular Theory

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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