The Cryptic Universe

How technology is answering our deepest questions about ‘reality.’

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Circular Theory and the Notion of a Cryptic ‘Reality’

Conservation of a Circle is required for ‘abstraction.’ And abstraction is required for everything in ‘reality.’ This is because there is a circular-linear relationship between abstract and concrete reality, where you can’t have one without the other (because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter).

Conservation of a Circle (Abstraction) (Noun and-or Verb)

Explaining everything in science, religion, and art. (All disciplines.) (All ‘nouns’ and ‘verbs.’) Where units in all disciplines are abstract objects (required for the operation of a human mind).

Metaverse (The Human Mind)

Thus, Conservation of the Circle is, the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature. Producing, and produced by, a perpetually cryptic concrete abstraction. Explaining the cryptic ‘universe’ (tokenization in technology) (tokenization in Nature) (tokenization as ‘reality’).

Cryptic Universe (Tokenization) (Noun and-or Verb) (Concrete Abstraction)

Information, and, thus, technology (any and every system and-or discipline), depends upon the tokenization (and, thus, the conservation) of a circle (one zero and one one) (one circumference and one diameter). Explaining the human mind, the ‘abstract object,’ and the cryptic universe. Where any (and every) ‘universe’ (think: unit) is totally dependent on the circular-linear relationship between abstract and concrete reality (which is fully accessible (and, thus, only, understandable)) via the Circular Theory diagram (a cryptic, concrete, fully tokenized, abstraction) (for an uber-simple circle):

(1( 0 )1)

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Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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