The Cryptic Universe

The tokenization and engagement of ‘self.’ i.e. What is a ‘self?’

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

To understand ‘reality’ we have to understand the cryptic universe (which is at-play-now (and-in-use) (at present) in crypto-technology):

The Cryptic Universe


The cryptic universe is the tokenization (a full ‘understanding of the concept), and an engagement of, ‘self,’ where the ‘self’ is continually in a circular-linear relationship with at-least, and at-most, one other ‘self.’

This is the basis for biomemetics and biomemetrics. And a major advance in ‘thinking’ in philosophy, physics, and psychology. (Data science and information processing.) Technology. And, biology, in general.

The Tokenization (and Engagement) of ‘Self’

Explaining everything that’s happening in the world of ‘cryptocurrency.’ Why we use ‘currency.’ And why we need to understand (and fully-utilize) ‘blockchain.’


Why finance gives us the best (and the clearest) understanding of physics, philosophy, and mathematics.

Including (and especially) NFT, DeFi, ‘smart contracts,’ bitcoin, altcoin, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous driving, machine intelligence, machine learning, IOT, intelligent autonomy, and automation in general. Especially, price discovery.

Conservation of the Circle

This is because…

The Conservation of a Circle is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining the cryptic Universe, the tokenization, and the engagement of ‘self’ (the tokenization of everything.)

Where the diagram (above), then, is the definition (explanation) (token) (tokenization) of ‘self.’ At-play. In-use. At-present. (Always-present.)


Where the cryptic universe, then, is the representation (presentation and preservation) (realization) (finally, a realistic explanation) of (and a reliable architecture for) ‘self.’ (‘Zero’ in a circular relationship with ‘one.’ And, always, vice versa.) The Cryptic Universe: How Technology is Answering Our Deepest Questions about Reality eBook : Yardley, Ilexa

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