The Equinox

How it explains both mathematics and astrologyphysics and psychology

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Everything in mathematics is based on two core principles: similarity and complementarity.

That is X and Y is X and X (similarity). And, X and X is X and X’ (complementarity).

Everything else is superfluous (redundant).

X and Y
X and X
X and X’


This explains why, if you were born on an equinox, you were conceived on a solstice. And if you were born on a solstice, you were conceived on an equinox.

That is, equinox and solstice, like any X and Y, articulate, and must conserve, an uber-simple circle.

This explains everything in astrology.

Equinox and Solstice

The Numbers: One and Two

So the equinox articulates the number ‘two’ and the solstice articulates the number ‘one.’

Explaining why mathematics (and astrology) can only ‘work’ (be valid) half-the-time.

This is because everything is valid (true) half-the-time.

One and One
One and Two


This means if you are on the equinox (half-way-point) on a circumference, you are directly opposed to the solstice (the alternate half-way-point) on a circumference.

That is, the equinox divides the circle into ‘two.’ As does the solstice.

Therefore, the equinox and solstice form a square (two squares to be exact). Proving to square a circle (or circle a square) you just have to say ‘the square is a circle.’ Meaning it is impossible to have a square without a circle, and, always vice versa (despite what you are taught in school).

Square and Circle


This is because relativity is an alternate word for circularity (and, again, always, vice versa).

Because, underneath it all, X and Y (X and X) (X and X’) are 0 and 1. Circumference and diameter. Of an always-conserved (always present) uber-simple ‘circle.’

Circumference and Diameter

Thus, Conservation of the Circle is the most important (core) (only) (obvious) (essential) (realistic) dynamic in Nature.



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