Expectations and the Circular Economy

Zero and one is circumference and diameter (more or less).

Zero and one is . Which gives us the basis for one and two. Which gives us the basis for ‘more’ and ‘less’ (more or less). Meaning, from, at least, one person’s point of view, .

This determines whether you will decide to ‘live large’ or ‘live small’ which, in turn, determines whether you will be (or poor). Meaning, if you live on one/quarter of your earnings, at all times, you are ‘forever’ rich, no matter how much, or how certain, the ‘earnings.’

This is because ‘more and less’ is (you can’t have one without the other). Or, put another way, 50–50 certain. Meaning, 50–50 is the underneath reality. Again, ensuring more is half-the-time less. It looks like this:

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. More or less.

Pi-diameter-circumference. One-two-three.

You will notice, if you look closely, the diagram is a ‘set’ of ‘’ circles. If I ask you to ‘count’ the circles, or, say ‘how many’ there are, you will, guaranteed, have a ‘problem.’ If I say, more or less, how many? It might seem ‘easier.’ But, again, difficult, if not .

This is because the ‘entanglement’ above showcases the circular relationship between a . Where the ‘background’ is, always, an ‘even’ one, and the diagram, then, is forced to be an ‘odd’ ‘one.’ (Or, an.) (Always, a circular relationship between background and foreground.)

Again, a ‘circle’ has ‘three’ points of view, known to mathematicians (all of us) as . Which gives us the basis for one-two-three, which, in turn, gives us the basis for more and less. And, also, then, more or less.

More and less. More or less. More is less.

Uncertainty, Expectation, 50–50

Why is this important? It proves, and explains, why everything is ‘entangled’ with everything else, why are an even 50–50, and why there is no ‘constant’ and no ‘norm.’ Even as, technically, 50–50 is the ‘constant’ and the ‘norm.’

So, this explains, and proves, any ‘economy’ is based on Meaning, if you ‘expect’ the economy will ‘inflate’ (also known as ‘grow’), you will ‘invest’ in it, and if you ‘expect’ the economy will ‘deflate’ (also known as ‘crash’ and-or ‘stay-the-same’) you will forget about investing, and live on twenty five percent of your earnings. Realizing, (50–50 is 50–50–50). (Zero and one is ). (Diagrammed above.)

This means, technically, half of us believe more is less, and the other half, more is more. Meaning, half-the-time, the same ‘’ believes less is more and less is less. If you take it slow, and use the diagram above, you will ‘understand’ this.

50. 50–50. 50–50–50.

Asset is Liability, and, always, Vice Versa

Now you understand . All of it. People will move to ‘where-they-believe’ the ‘probability’ is highest for them to live on twenty-five percent of their income. Explaining why everyone wants to be a millionaire, a billionaire, a .

It’s all about the ‘cash flow,’ and, also, how you (or me), ‘I,’ can ‘escape the tyranny’ of ‘cash flow.’ Meaning, no one wants to because of ‘cash flow,’ even though we’re, all of us, in prison, because of ‘cash flow.’

This takes us to the , the global ‘balance’ sheet (again, the diagram above). Where an asset is equidistant from a liability. More simply, from a global, and, also an ‘individual’ perspective, a liability is exactly to an asset (you can’t have one without the other). Always.

Less is more. Asset is liability.

Ambiguity and Confusion, The Numbers Two, and Three

Again, this is very . Not to be complicated by ‘expectations’. Thoughts, and-or feelings.

One circle is, always two circles. Often ‘confused’ as ‘three circles.’ Because .

Meaning, for the genius in you (and me) (and every ‘one’), the number ‘three’ is, more accurately, (diagrammed above.) And-or, also, vice, versa (there is a forced ‘ambiguity’ between the numbers ‘’ and ‘two.’)

One. Two. Three. Individual. Group. Get it. Don’t get it.

The ‘Couple’ as a (Basic) ‘Group’

Any two is a duplicate ‘three’. Also known, technically as ‘one.’ Meaning there is a, where the largest and the smallest group is the number ‘two.’ (.)

So, this is proven because you are an individual and a group (of two). You are an individual sharing a circle with a group (independent of the size of the group). You are a ‘couple’ of ‘groups’ ().

Which means you get it and you don-t get it. Exactly half-the-time. Where , and the other half, definitely, not. Every human operates with an ‘underlying’ ‘two’ .

Gamblers. Investors.

Cash Flow and The Gambler

This means there is a ‘gambler’ and an ‘investor’ in all of us. Explaining why, and how, an asset is a liability. A stock and-or a bond, is, always a liability. It’s in a bank or at a financial institution, meaning it isn’t ‘cash.’ It’s, always, based on ‘expectations.’ Expectations about a ‘’ that may never materialize.

And, technically, if everyone tried to ‘cash flow’ (cash-in) their assets, in institutions… Well, you know what that means (the ). You are (we are, all of us) taking a 50–50 your (our) ‘investment’ (cash, etc). will have ‘value’ down-the-road (you will be able to get it out of the bank). Your (our) ‘’ influence everything you (we) do.

So, this explains why , these days, want to ‘go-it-on-their-own.’ Meaning, they understand everything ‘above,’ and they want to ‘cash in’ on their ‘investment’ (what they ‘know’ upstairs) (in their ‘mind’). Where, again, the diagram above proves, pi is the correct name for (and matter) (individual and group) ( and concrete reality). of ‘reality.’ (Meaning, , they ‘invest’).

Pi-diameter-circumference. One-two-three. Abstract and concrete.

Expectation Entangled in Everything

Meaning, expectation is involved in everything. We give a ‘relative’ value to ‘more and less’ explaining the role expectation plays in the ‘economy.’

All , and all start-up CEO’s, are ‘gamblers.’ Underneath it all, they believe they are ‘investors’ that can turn a liability into an . Meaning, mentally, they turn 50–50 into 50–50–50 (100 + 1)(they ‘entangle’ two and three).

Why, and how, do they do this?

(Nature expects it could go either way).



Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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