The Hidden Reality in All Relationships

Circularity in General: Why You Need To Include It In Your Thinking

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It’s impossible to have yin without yang. Because complementarity is the basis for identity (duplicity is the basis for a unit). Explaining (and exposing) the hidden ‘reality’ in all relationships.

Yin and Yang

Half and Whole

Meaning, all of us, whether we want to ‘realize’ it or not, are half-the-time yin, and half-the-time yang. Half-the-time ‘male’ and half-the-time ‘female.’


This is because circularity in general is the core dynamic (the real theory of everything) in Nature.

Male and Female

Therefore, as Jung pointed out, we are all half-the-time anima, and half-the-time animus (half-the-time female, half-the-time male). Half-the-time passive. Half-the-time aggressive. All of us.

Half and Whole

Confusion Embedded Within All Relationships

Meaning, it is impossible to have a half without a whole (and, always, vice versa). Explaining the confusion that relationships cause. (All of them)

Because, whether we know it or not, or whether we believe it or not, Nature is controlled, balanced, and explained by the conservation of an uber-simple circle.

Explaining sex in general. Relationships in general. Arguments (oppositional reality) (anger) (trauma) in general.

Sex (Relationships) (Arguments)

Opposites Attract and, then, Necessarily, Repel

So, this explains, easily, why opposites attract, and, then, eventually, down the road, repel.

Opposites (Attract) (Repel)

Meaning, as we all know, you can never go by ‘what you see,’ or, even ‘what you think,’ because there is a ‘hidden’ reality embedded in everyone (and everything).

Half Showing Half Hidden

This explains duplicitous behavior in everyone. Why we are forced to ‘lie’ (misrepresent our ‘selves’) in order to get along. And why, it takes a while, to figure out (come to grips with), the good and bad side of everyone.

Good and Bad

50–50 is the Constant (and the Norm)

Meaning, as we all know, it’s impossible to have good without bad (and, always, vice versa). 50–50 sums the ‘whole’ thing up. No matter how you toss (or slice) the dice. Explaining why we even bother with relationships at all.

All Relationships

Explaining, also, why we all have ‘advice’ to give about ‘relationships.’

Been There Done That

Meaning, we learn to accept our ‘selves’ by observing behavior in others. Good behavior. Bad behavior. Our good behavior is necessarily balanced by our bad behavior (all of us). Explaining the ‘attraction’ of murder mysteries in general. (Investigations) (Discoveries)

Balanced Behavior (Murder) (Mystery) (Investigation) (Discovery)

Underneath it All (Sex in General)

While we’re trying to ‘figure the relationship thing out…’ Nature has (only) one objective in mind: sexual reproduction (technically, the ‘conservation of an uber-basic circle’). Which causes, eventually, anger in every ‘one.’ (Think of the sun.) (Helium (her) and Hydrogen (him) having sex.) (And, then, getting into one great, big, fight.) (Explosions in general.)


Meaning, as we all ‘know,’ there is no ‘reality.’ Just an interpretation of ‘reality’ balanced and offset by an ‘other’ (equal and opposite) interpretation of ‘realty.’ Which is what we all learn by getting involved in (and entangled within) ‘relationships.’

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) (not-always-obvious) dynamic in Nature. Explaining everything you will learn in ‘relationships.’ Explaining what every (person in every) ‘relationship’ is learning about ‘you…’

Why you have to include ‘circularity’ in your thinking if you want to be ahead of the ‘hidden’ reality in all relationships. Conservation of the Circle is the core (and, technically, the only) dynamic in Nature. Explaining the notion of ‘hidden behavior’ in general.



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