The Identity of ‘One’

Ilexa Yardley
The Circular Theory
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Conservation of the Circle

The line connecting everything to everything is both diameter and circumference of a circle. Thus, complementarity is the basis for identity (duplicity is the basis for a unit).

Zero and ‘One’ (Zero is ‘One’)

Joining (and separating) any X and-or Y, a mandatory circle produces a zero and a one (circumference and diameter). Thus, conservation of the circle gives us the basis for reality, and the identity of one. The complement, physical, and symbolic, demonstrates, and proves, two units are responsible (and necessary) for one.

Thus, a unit, in any system (zero and one) (absolute zero and perpetual motion) demonstrates, and proves, the unit and the group, singular and plural (duplication and negation) (one and not-one), share a circular relationship (conservation and symmetry).


The number two, in all directions, is nature’s (the natural) limit. That is, basic identity, X and X, X to, and-or, from, X, 2X, X2 , X’, demonstrates and proves, X is unified by X (any symbol is the conservation of the number two) (definition of zero and infinity) (continuous and discrete) (static and dynamic) (global and local).

This means the variable is constant (and vice versa).

Therefore, movement (change), any system, is based on the conserved circular (and linear) relationship between one and two (two-two’s). For humans, this can be written, or thought of, as an infinity of two’s (an unlimited number of units) (with no beginning or end). This gives us the basis for mathematics (and physics) (information in general). Individuals. Groups.


From the circle’s point of view, a line is, necessarily, a circle, and, again, from the human’s point of view, this is, necessarily, diameter, and circumference (pi as the background state for everything) (an abstract-concrete, hidden-showing, circle as the basis for a unit, any discipline) (entity, process, system) (observer, observation) (object, subject) (symbol, symbolization) (unit, unitization, unification) (background, foreground) (survival and reproduction).

The circular relationship between individual and individual (unit and group) conserves the unit (any group) (identity in general). Thus, beginning and end, zero and infinity, variable and constant, absolute zero and perpetual motion, articulate a circle (continuous and discrete). Thus, conservation of the circle provides the basis for action, reaction and inaction (differentiation and integration).

One plus one is one.


Thus, conservation of the circle (reality) begins and ends with the number two. (The number two, basic relativity, and uncertainty, is the basis for everything). Therefore, an asset always equals a liability and, therefore, vice versa. This explains everything.

There is a hidden circle in the background (50–50 is the norm). Thus, an invisible line connects everything to everything. (0–1–0- 1–0). 50–50 is the constant. The number one is, from the circle’s point of view, if a human desires or needs a unification theory, the number two.

This produces uncertainty and confusion (anomalies, surprises, lies, ambiguity, chaos, and its mandatory complementary circular relationship to order) (clarity in a circle with confusion) (also known as spontaneous symmetry breaking).


Therefore, an asset is a liability automatically because 50–50 is the constant (50–50 is the norm). This forms the basis for a two-state system, which is the basis for a universal model and, also, a basic phase transition.

Therein, there is a supra-standard-intangible-informational-relational model within the conservation of a circle, because pi, diameter, circumference, is the basis for one-two-three, because you cannot have one, or three, without two. 2–2–2 is 2–2.

Therefore, zero is, necessarily, one (and vice versa). (Infinity is pi.) (Variable is constant and vice versa.) Therein, we have a two state system within a two-state system (units and groups) (abstract and concrete) (hidden and showing).


Thus the numbers two and three (two-state system, three-state-system) articulate a circle, and pi, then, is, necessarily, the background state for everything. (From the circle’s point of view, there are no phase transitions, just one symbolic state.) (From the human’s point of view: two symbolic states.)

Thus, many ideas for beginning-middle-end, action-reaction-inaction, begin and end with pi (the number three is, more realistically, the number two) (beginning-end) (action-inaction). Y-N. T-F. M-F. A hidden circle is the background that provides unification (basis for an action) (basis for inaction) (change). T-F is Y-N is M-F.

Thus, 2–2–2, is 2–2. Or 50–50 is 50–50–50. XYZ is XY (and vice versa). Thus, any characterization (symbolization) forms a line, diameter of a circle (one, zero) (yang, yin). The number two is basic.


Thus objects in space (symbols) obey the conservation of a circle as movement in any medium creates a zero and a one (background and foreground). Thus, conservation of the circle provides the basis for movement and relativity, uncertainty and complementarity (reality and universality). Change (movement) (stability), any system.

Thus, from the human’s point of view, 50–50 (the number two is assumed) forms the basis for stochastics and statistics. Information (movement, articulation) in general.

Thus, the conservation of a circle produces conservation of the number system, movement and relativity (quantum entanglement). Symbols in general. Sequence. The conservation of relativity.

Thus, the conservation of a circle produces conservation of reproduction (the number two, also known as duplication and negation) produces a human’s understanding of yes and no (beginning-end) (life-death) (zero-infinity) (chaos-order) (redundancy-fungibility).


The conservation of a circle produces, then, a human (a unit, any system). So, complementarity is the basis for a unit (identity). Complementarity is the basis for a circle (and vice versa). This gives us conservation and symmetry (conservation as symmetry) (symbolic representations of a circular reality).

Thus, the conservation of symmetry (nature in general) (relativity in general) (is conservation of a circle). Duplication is, necessarily, negation (and vice versa). Complementarity is another word for uncertainty, relativity, gravity (duplicity, redundancy, fungibility) (nature universally). Action. Reaction. Inaction. Repetition. Reproduction. Duplication.

Einstein’s theorem, e=mc2 , (any theorem) is a substitution of c=πd, where, from the human’s point of view, these are two identical strings (22222 = 2222). (A constant is necessary for a variable, and vice versa). Any character, element, or symbol (identity, unit) is held together (kept apart) (made possible) by a circle (known to humans as a cycle).


This is something we all know, take for granted, understand. The equal sign is not a unifier. It represents a circle. Thus, unification is a given (complementarity is real) (informational state shares a circle with physical state). Half and half is two and one. Two as one.

Zeno’s paradox (zero’s paradox) articulates a circle, explaining why we move forward as time moves back. Symbolic shares a circle with real (mind shares a circle with matter). Any identity (idea) makes an opposing idea real. Reality articulates a circle.

That is, life is a defense mechanism for death, and death is a defense mechanism for life. Zero shares a circle with one (and vice versa). Tangible shares a circle with intangible. Asset shares a circle with liability.


Thus the basis for everything, is, most realistically, the number two. (Articulation articulates a circle.) Duplication is negation (duplicity is the basis for a unit) (any scale). (Any symbol articulates a circle.) π = 0 = 1 = 2 = ∞.

An infinite number of units (any unit) shares a circle with one unit (circle is the basis for unit) (ideal, real). Negation is duplication (creation, affirmation). Duplication (negation, affirmation) is the basis for a symbol.

Symbolic systems (must) articulate a circle. (From the human’s point of view, complementarity is the basis for everything.) (From the circle’s point of view, the circle is the basis for everything.) Thus, zero and one share a (mandatory) circle, and, thus, the hidden variable is real. (The constant is a circle.)


A constant-variable (hidden circle) means complementarity is the basis for everything. Conservation of the circle is the basis for reality (circularity is real).

Thus, we have demonstrated (and proven) conservation of the circle (individual and group) (zero and one) (relativity in general) is the basis for everything (abstract and concrete) (hidden and showing).

Thus, universal relativity articulates a circular reality (and vice versa).

Interoperability (Relativity)

Meaning. X is Y (and vice versa).

Thus, everything changes. Nothing changes.

The complement conserves a circle (and vice versa). Five (two and three, two as three) (X) is the magic number (two is the only number). Also known as: the quantum Zeno effect (a dashed or solid circle, from the circle’s point of view, and, from the human’s point of view, can only be a circle) (a circle can only circle, only a circle can circle).

Observability (Circularity)

Thus, the identity of ‘one’ is conservation of a circle (from the human’s point of view, the number ‘two’). (All of the ‘numbers’ (all of the information) (any observation) (all tokenizations) in Nature). One circumference. One diameter. One zero. One one. Where it is not possible to have a circumference (a zero) without a diameter (a one). Producing (what humans identify as) all of the information in Nature (concrete and abstract) (alphabetic) (numeric) (symbolic).

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

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