The Illusion Called Time

How it keeps you from achieving goals.

Time is an illusion. (Photo by James Padolsey)

We learn the basic three-state-state system called ‘time,’ in grammar school. Numbers in a circle. One to twelve, repeated. We correspond the numbers, and the circle, to a linearity, that produces circularity. A circularity we call ‘time.’ This is how we learn about sequence. And, repetition.

We also learn about the copy. All of this, from time.

Telling ‘time’ changes past to present, stabilizing future, and, therefore, eliminating the necessity called time. This practice stabilizes reality. Making all of us feel safe. Which is the purpose, in society, for teaching, and, therefore, learning, time.

Past and future.

Yet, time is an illusion. An abstract way to order the chaotic reality we call ‘movement.’ Movement is an other word for time.

Movement always occurs in a line. The line is always diameter, and circumference, of an uber-basic circle. Meaning, there is no time, really, and, also, no movement. Everything is relative to something else, including movement, and time. So, this means, the idea of achieving something in-the-future keeps us from achieving anything (in-the-future never comes).

So, the secret to achieving goals, is to realize we have, already, achieved them. Whatever it is we (think) we want, we already have. Safety is the motivation for all goals. In reality, we are always ‘safe.’ Nature’s motivation is to keep us ‘safe.’ How do we know this? Movement, from X to Y, is the diameter of a circle, and Nature is, at all times, conserving a circle (keeping it ‘safe’).

Conservation of a circle.

Nature’s motivation is to conserve a circle. Therefore, we are a naturally conserved circle, controlled, and owned, by Nature. This keeps us safe. And realizing, the idea of future, and a goal, is nothing more than nature’s way to keep us safe (moving forward by staying in the same place).

Everything changes. Nothing changes. (Ambiguous Circumference and Diameter)

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.

See also, The Circle of Time. ‘One’ and ‘Two.’ (Zero and one). | by Ilexa Yardley | The Circular Theory | Jan, 2021 | Medium




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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