The Intuitive Connection

Zero and one is X and-or Y. Why we hook up. And, then argue.

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Zero and one is any X and-or Y. This is because zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally. And, figuratively.

X and Y
0 and 1
Circumference and Diameter

Relationships in General

This explains the intuitive connection. That is, any X and Y articulate a circle. Meaning, a circle is continually conserved.

Conservation of the Circle

This gives us the basis for any relationship. All of the relationships in Nature. Including the human relationship (also known as sex).

M and F (Sex)

It also gives us the basis for thought (T and F), math (1 and 2), and physics (here and there) (then and now) (space and time).

T and F
1 and 2
Here and There (Then and Now) (Space and Time)

Conservation of the Circle

Meaning, everything in Nature, and in, what a human labels, ‘reality,’ reduces and expands to, and can (only) be articulated by, this diagram:

Nature (Reality)

The intuitive connection, the ‘feeling’ a human experiences, either attraction or repulsion, is more technically defined, then, by the mathematic symbol ‘pi.’

Pi (Attraction) (Repulsion)

Explaining why, over time, if I am ‘attracted’ to you ‘today,’ I will be repulsed by you, definitely, some time in the ‘future.’

50–50 is the Constant and the Norm

In ‘reality’ everything is 50–50.


Which explains (and causes) arguments. The argument, itself, is caused by (and resolved by) the intuitive connection called ‘pi.’ Or, more accurately, the circular relationship called ‘pi.’

Intuitive Connection (Circular Relationship)

This causes humans, over time, to disconnect. Explaining the whole idea of ‘detachment.’ In ancient Eastern (and Western) religions.

Attach. Detach. (Connect) (Disconnect)

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining the intuitive connection. Attachment, detachment, arguments (conflict) (sex) (relationships) in general.

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