The Key to Relationships

A hidden circle means everything is 50–50.


If you are an abstract thinker, you realize, once it’s pointed out, a circle controls relationships. That is, there is a mandatory circle, between (and around) any X and-or Y. Turning any X and-or Y into a circle.

Thus, X and-or Y, control reality. Meaning, you cannot have X without Y. And X and-or Y, are always evenly divided, one into two, and two into one.

This takes us beyond mathematics. Or, at least, the mathematics we learn in school. It takes us to intuitive, and instinctual, and, therefore, real, awareness.

Therefore, you are always half-responsible for everything that happens. The other half is nature. And nature interacts with you via your relationships.

You are 50–50 involved, and 50–50 in control, and a hidden circle proves this.

So, if you are in a relationship with someone who does not ‘get’ the 50–50 (and that could be ‘you’), you’d better think it through. 50–50 doesn’t just mean you ‘get it.’ 50–50 means you are willing to accept responsibility for your half of everything that goes right, and everything that goes wrong.

Everything is already balanced in nature by a naturally controlled circle (proven by the reproductive cycle) (weather) (time) (radiation, rotation, revolution).

And, at the end of the day, it may mean you decide to side-step relationships. Although, you cannot side-step the relationship with yourself, and, that, too, is 50–50. Meaning 50–50 good days. 50–50 bad days. No matter if you are in a relationship. Or not (you are always in a relationship with your self). And this, then, explains everything.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.