The Love-Hate Relationship

What it teaches us about ‘reality….’

Everything occurs in ‘pairs’ (as referenced on Noah’s ark) (in ancient myth, all religions). Yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern). This is because zero and one (yin and yang) are, more technically, the circumference and diameter of an always-conserved circle (meaning the number ‘two’ is the only ‘true’ number in Nature):


So, this explains the love-hate relationship. And, therefore, everything in ‘reality.’ Where, technically, reality is a circle (the diagram):

The diagram shows us two circles in a circle. Where it’s not possible to have the number ‘one’ without the number ‘two.’ (And, always, vice versa.) Explaining the relationship between the numbers zero, one, two, and three (there is a circle joining, and separating, any X and Y):

So, this explains why mathematics doesn’t tell us ‘everything’ we need to know, if we want to understand ‘reality.’ The love-hate relationship explains reality much more clearly. Meaning love-hate is a metaphor for any (and every) relationship in Nature.

Complementary Identity

That is, it’s not possible to have love without hate (hate without love) because, as proven (and demonstrated above) it’s not possible to have a circumference without a diameter (not possible to have X without Y). In any (and every) ‘pair’ you need both to have either (e.g. male-female, true-false, here-there, now-then, large-small, fast-slow, yes-no, stay-go, hot-cold, good-bad, right-wrong, etc.).

So, this explains why 50–50 is the constant and the norm in everyone’s reality (in Nature’s reality).

Thus half-of me loves you (and half-of-me hates you) at all times (in all places) (in all realities) (because it’s impossible to have a half without a whole) (everybody experiences love and hate 50–50) (whether they are honest about this or not).

So, if you want to understand relationships in all disciplines, why people argue (why there are explosions in space) you have to take the time to think through this article (the love-hate reality).


So, it means, 50–50 controls everything. We’re 50–50, all of us. And Nature is 50–50, all of it. No matter the ‘probability’ 50–50 is the constant (it never changes) (as it causes everything to change). (Every ‘thing’ and every ‘one’ is hiding something.)

So, no matter how great things are, or how terrible they are, everything resolves to 50–50 (meaning it’s impossible to have 100 percent of anything) (if things are great, get ready, they’re going to go south) (if things are terrible, get ready, things will, definitely, clear, get better, resolve to 50–50).

Therefore, relationships are easy (or difficult) all depending on your understanding (and acceptance) of 50–50. Forget about what you are taught in math, 50–50 rules your reality (my reality) (and reality in general) (everybody’s reality). This should make it easier (and more difficult, as well).

If you take the time to think it through…

Core Dynamic in Nature (Nature’s Operating System)

Conservation of the circle is the only dynamic in Nature. Normalizing everything (explaining everything) helping all of us to understand reality (and Nature) from a pragmatic (and realistic) point of view.

(Yes, this is something everybody ‘knows’ (and, therefore, everybody ‘forgets’) (50–50)). So, just, beware (be aware). (Modify (think: normalize) your expectations.)

Everything about biomemetics… (and decisioning…)

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Take the time to ‘think’ it through…



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