The Magical Universe

How superposition explains the human mind. And, also, the Universe.

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There is no separation in Nature. This is because a circle joins and separates all of the consitutents (read: units) in Nature. Because you cannot have an individual or a group without the conservation of a circle.

Individual and-or Group

This is because you cannot have the word ‘and’ without the word ‘or.’

One and Two
One or Two
Unit and-or Units

Which is because you cannot have a circumference without a diameter. Meaning, pi is the correct ‘expression’ (or, articulation) (or, representation) for the human mind.

Human Mind

This is proven by the movie ‘Magical Universe’ which exposes superposition (conservation of a circle) as the core dynamic in Nature.

That is, all of the elements in nature are the same as the unit called Nature.


Where the word ‘Nature’ is the conservation of a circle. And, another word for Universe.


Conservation of the circle (the unitization of units) (the unification of units) (the correct explanation for a unit) (the superpostion of units) is the core, and, thus, the only dynamic in Nature. Producing a magical universe (whatever is in your mind is going to materialize) (is already materialized) (for all of us).

The Literal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics — The Circular Theory — Medium




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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