The Mathematics Behind Psychology (and Vice Versa)

Complementarity is the basis for identity (all disciplines, systems).

Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit. This defines (and describes) (proves) the circular relationship between mathematics and psychology (one person and another) (one state and another) (one phase and another) (pi is the basis point for everything) (two (not-one) is the most basic number).

Meaning, X and Y is zero and one, circumference and diameter, literally and figuratively (conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature).

This is of interest to all technologists (psychologists, biologists) (financial pros) etc. (Zero and one defines, and determines, everything.) (Absolute identity (universal identity) (mind) is (proven) pi.) (Mind and matter share a circular relationship.) (Dimensionless coupling constant is a constant hidden circle.) (Abstract, concrete.)