The Maximization (and Monetization) of Chaos

Ilexa Yardley
The Circular Theory
3 min readMar 21


Understanding the constant variable.

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In reality, there is no such thing as a constant. And, also, there is no such thing as a variable. There is the conservation of a circle, and, that is ‘all.’

Chaos: Creative Abstraction (Noun and-or Verb)

Thus, the diagram is the (most important) (and the only correct and complete) explanation (the constant variable) for ‘what humans experience as’ ‘reality.’

Meaning, we are always living with, in, and because of, chaos.

Explaining why humans invent (fictional) systems (language and mathematics) (physics, philosophy, and psychology) (media in general) to make us feel like we have things ‘under control.’ When, all of us, know, perfectly well, all human systems are, in one way or another, fictitious (constantly variable) (chaotic) (out-of-control).

Constant Variable

Fictional Realities (That All Humans Understand)

For example, in the humans’ current understanding (and use) of ‘technology’ (a fictional reality that requires fictional realities to function), chat*gpt shows us, and proves, language has no ‘definite’ (absolute) (relative) meaning (the movement of letters, words, symbols, here and there, at random, is the conservation of a circle) (constant variables) (again, the diagram above) (nothing more or less).

This is because anything a human expresses using language (alpha and-or numeric) (algorithmic) (situational) (representation in general) requires negation (represented by the diagram). That is, if we say X we are automatically demonstrating and proving X’ (2X) (X squared) (the conservation of a circle).

For example, if we say it is day, we are automatically saying it is night (because it is impossible to have one without the other) (which is why (and how) humans are able to believe it is possible to have one without the other) (when, technically, one cancels out the other).

Our fictional realities make us feel ‘safe’ (when Nature has no understanding whatsoever of the word ‘safe’) (and humans, because we are all constituents of Nature, on some level, completely understand this).

If X then X. (If X then Y) (if X then not-X). (if X then X’).

The Cell (Biological, Technological, Mathematical)

Thus, a human’s current understanding of both ‘power’ and ‘memory’ are dependent on (what we call) a ‘cell.’ Because a cell (in all systems and disciplines) is, necessarily, (meaning it can only be), the diagram above.

So, a correct understanding, and use, of the ‘cell’ (the diagram) allows us to maximize (live with) (embrace) (accept) (understand) the chaos that is Nature, technology, and, also, then, reality.

Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. It’s time to update our ‘thinking’ about ‘reality.’ A natural ($85T) market is ready ‘to discover’ and re-monetize (its self). Chaos is the ‘monetization’ factor.

More (about how we’re going to do this) here.

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