Correcting ‘Observation’ Errors

The quantum mechanics of everyday ‘life.’

Observer and Observation (Photo by Drew Graham)

In quantum mechanics, you have the ‘observer’ problem, and, also, the ‘measurement’ problem. Meaning, you can’t say anything about an observation without a measurement of some kind. And, vice versa. They share an uber-basic circle.

Uber-Basic Circle


Proving, the most basic ‘measurement’ in Nature, in quantum mechanics, and, all the way around, in ‘life’ in general, as we all know (without the need for quantum anything), is 50–50.

Zero and one (modern) is yin and yang (ancient). So, the solution to the ‘measurement’ (observation) problem, has been around a very long ‘time.’

Zero and One (Yin and Yang)

Circumference and Diameter Literally and Figuratively

What’s missing in quantum mechanics, mathematics, and physics in general (and, also, finance and economics, if you want to ‘go there…’) is the simple ‘observation’ (fact, if you believe in ‘facts’) that zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally. And, of course, figuratively.

Circumference and Diameter

Meaning, an observation needs and observer, and, always vice versa, turning the observer into an ‘observation.’

Observer and Observation

Meaning, technically, the only observer, in the universe (in any universe) is ‘pi.’


This means all of our observations are half-correct. Over time (if you believe in time) (if you ‘understand’ ‘time’), then, totally correct.

Meaning, technically, you cannot distinguish one ‘observation’ (or measurement) from an ‘other.’

This is because in basic mathematics (for basic mathematics) you need a ‘two’ in order to understand (or ‘have’) a ‘one.’

Two and One

Confusion in Order to Rectify The Diagram With Conventional ‘Knowledge’

The ‘confusion’ is in the ‘diagram.’ Where the ‘diagram’ is the only ‘true’ representation (observation) of ‘reality.’ Where the word ‘reality’ is an ‘other’ word for ‘Nature’ in general (universally). (An uber-basic, always-conserved, ‘circle.’)


This is because the diagram illustrates (demonstrates and proves) the conservation of a circle. Where in order to ‘move’ from ‘zero’ to ‘one’ (one to two) (any X to-and-or-from Y) a circle is, necessarily, conserved. Noticeable in any ‘human game.’ Any ‘observation.’

Proving, again, you need an observer for an observation. And vice versa (where pi, then, is both the observer, and the observation).

The conservation of a circle (observer, observation). (Pi)

Meaning, the ‘technical’ name for zero and one (and, also, then, ‘two’) is ‘mathematically’ ‘pi.’


PI: The ‘Circle’ in the Background (Subconscious Mind)

Where ‘pi’ (a circle in the background) is needed for an observation. A measurement. Reality, in general.

This isn’t all that difficult to ‘observe,’ but it does take some ‘patience.’ Quiet time. Etc. Willingness to overcome conventional ‘knowledge’ (wisdom, etc.). About ‘mathematics’ and ‘physics’ (economics and finance), especially.

Conservation of the circle is the 50–50 running-the-show-called-Nature. Obfuscating observation, in general. Meaning, what you see is only ‘half-the-time’ what you get. Over-time, then, half-the-time is, if you want to ‘go there,’ all-the-time. Explaining how we get ‘mathematics.’ Observations. In general.

Invest in The Circular Theory…



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