The Most Basic Element: Space

‘I need my space…’

‘I need my space.’ (Photo by Daniel Cheung)

Space is an alternate word for ‘freedom.’ Meaning, when we say ‘I need my space,’ we are really saying, I need my ‘freedom.’ So what is ‘freedom’ (and, therefore, space)?

It looks like this:


The diagram shows us how we can, and ‘must,’ imagine ‘space.’ And, therefore, freedom. The diagram shows a basic ‘zero’ and ‘one,’ connected, and, also, separated, by ‘space.’

Zero and one. (Zero space one).

‘Space’ and Relativity

The ‘top’ and the ‘bottom’ of the diagram is connected, and, also, separated by space. The ‘left’ and the ‘right’ of the diagram is connected, and, also, separated, by, space. The ‘diagonals’ are connected and separated by space. The middle is connected (and separated) to all of these by ‘space.’ Therefore, you need the diagram to understand the basic element (of Nature) called ‘space.’

Top and bottom.
Left and right.
Diagonal and middle.

What we’re really showing is the required ‘background’ for math. Zero and one, and one and two. Also, two and three, three and four. Etc. Also known as ‘sequence’ (set, category).

Zero and one.
One and two.
Two and three. Three and four. Etc. (Sequence)

This proves, to understand, space, you need, to understand, and, accept, ambiguity. Which is an ‘other’ word for ‘multiplicity,’ ‘redundancy’ and ‘recursion.’

That is, you cannot have any ‘word’ without the ‘number’ ‘two.’ Space and time, for, an obvious, example. Complementarity is essential (required) for ‘identity’ of any kind (in any discipline).

X and X.
X and X’

Space and Symbolism (Symbols in General)

This lays the foundation for symbols, and symbolism. Which lays the foundation for code and coding. Symbol and code as both a noun, and a verb. Laying the foundation for any (and every) ‘noun’ and ‘verb.’

Symbol. Symbolize.
Code (noun and-or verb).

Explaining both ‘technology’ (artificial and natural intelligence) and ‘biology’ (symbolic and real existence). Where you cannot have X without Y (X, X’) because you cannot have ‘zero’ without ‘one,’ because, you cannot have ‘circumference’ without ‘diameter.’

Zero (circumference).
One (diameter).

This explains why architects (and designers) use ‘diagrams’ to explain, and, eventually, effect ‘reality’ (their conception, or creation, of ‘reality’). It, also, explains why, and, also, how, diagrams, visual media of any kind, communicate a ‘version’ of ‘reality,’ that is, definitely supported by some ‘other’ (often an opposing) version of ‘reality.’

Diagram (noun and verb)

Space and the ‘String’

Where we notice, now, you can label this ‘singular’ diagram with any ‘string’ of characters, to effect the ‘same’ and ‘different’ ‘meaning.’

Same and different.
Meaning (noun and verb).

Because the word ‘meaning’ has many ‘meanings.’ Again, going back to the requirement called ‘ambiguity’ (multiplicity, redundancy). Explaining why you cannot have time without space, and, always vice versa.

Time and space.
Time in space.
Time as space.

Where ‘time’ and ‘space’ are abstract concepts, for sure. Because there is a mandatory circular relationship between abstract and concrete (symbolic and real). Causing us to notice, then, there is no such thing as ‘real.’

Abstract and concrete. (any zero and-or one).

Space and Ambiguity, Multiplicity, Redundancy

Meaning, a simple circle is the only explanation for the basic element called ‘space.’ Meaning, when we say ‘I need my space,’ we are demonstrating ambiguity, multiplicity, and redundancy, all with one sentence (any string of characters).

I need my space. I have my space.

This is because pi controls reality. What a human labels ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ (mind-body relationship). Abstractions in general.

Abstraction (pi controlling reality and Nature, in general).

Explaining everything that is happening in ‘space,’ including why many ‘nation-states’ want to dominate (in) ‘space.’

Domination and submission.

Taking us to the whole reason people are, eventually, attracted to the domination required for ‘sex.’ Why ‘sex’ is the main motivation for all universes, including, and, especially, space. And, why, then, all of us, eventually, will have to say ‘I need my space.’

The Most Basic Element: Space

If you get this article, you get ‘everything’ about ‘everything.’ Space joins, and separates, ‘everything’ and ‘anything.’

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.



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