The Most Important Decision You Make: How to Spend Your Time

There is a circular relationship between money and time.

Money and time share an uber-basic circle.

You have made many decisions that got you to where you are now. All of them had to do with time. How you spent your time.

How you will spend your time, going forward, is dependent on how you spent your time, in reverse. There is a circular relationship embedded in your relationship to time (forward and reverse).

Therefore, your time is completely accounted for, already.

Meaning, you are going to repeat your decisions about how to spend your time.

Change does not change anything, or anyone, because of the circular relationship embedded within time. Everything changes. Nothing changes. A hidden circle has control (and it’s not-at-all hidden).

Therefore, think carefully. About your use of time. And, more important, your understanding of time.

If time doesn’t exist, then, actually, all of your decisions about time are superfluous. Half-of-you knows this. The other half-not-so-much.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (time and space articulate, and must conserve, a circle).