The Non-Fungible ‘Token’

Tokenization explains reality. Our interpretation of reality. And our inter-reaction with reality.

Photo by Malena Gonzalez Serena on Unsplash

The non-fungible token is a ‘memetic’ reality that has no ‘real’ meaning, and no ‘real’ purpose. It is a creation of the human mind that lives, only, on a computer.


The non-fungible token, or meme, looks, technically, like this:


Both are dependent on the ‘zero’ and the ‘one’ as abstract objects, and concrete subjects. Everything we encounter on a computer is an abstract object referencing a concrete subject. Made up of different combinations of abstract and concrete ‘zeroes’ and ‘ones.’

Where ‘zero’ and ‘one’ are, more technically, circumference and diameter, explaining the always-conserved, circular-linear, relationship between an abstract object and a concrete subject. Which explains everything in Nature.

Concrete Abstraction
Zero and One (Circumference and Diameter)


This explains how, and, also, why, tokenization explains reality. That is, reality is the circular-linear relationship between subjects and objects (any subject and any object), where, no matter the number of subjects, and-or objects, there is an always-conserved circle between any subject and any object. Turning all objects (and subjects) (tokens) into the diagram (or token) above.

Explaining how, and why, we are able to use computers (via computer languages) to inter-react with reality. Technically, with or without computers, humans (and all of the objects in Nature) can only inter-react by abstraction.

Explaining biomimetics (biomimicry) in Nature (inter-reacting abstractions).

Inter-Reaction (Abstraction)
Conservation of a Circle

This nullifies, and explains, everything we, as humans, think we ‘know’ about our inter-reactions with Nature. This is because a zero and a one, in order to interact, are only possible via the Conservation of a Circle, which is, obviously the core, and, thus, the only dynamic (tokenization) (token) in Nature.

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