The Numbers We’re Working With: Way Too Small

Why you can’t find a job? Not enough cash floating around.

Not enough cash.

We hear there are lots of billionaires out there. Is this true? Billionaires in cash? Or, on a financial statement. Is it stock? Or bonds?

Guess what. It’s all in cash. On someone’s balance sheet. Except, it doesn’t translate. Into cash. It’s only cash on paper. Excuse me. Only cash on a smartphone screen. A number in someone’s mind. Somewhere. It’s definitely not in (real) cash. You couldn’t take it to a bank and ‘cash it in’ (banks reserve ten cents on the dollar).

Stocks and bonds are virtual cash and every body who uses them as assets knows this. Where virtual means someday, maybe. All the billionaires you know (and-or know about) have assets in this asset class.

Which is why the billionaires you know keep working. And investing. Etc. (They do not have billions in cash.)

So, the opportunity is in bitcoin. Because this is where those with absolutely no cash have the best shot at multiplying cash. They know we need more cash. Not printed cash. Circulating cash. Cash is what everyone in the world uses to live (survive, reproduce). It is the (non)reproduction of cash that is holding everything back. Once you go to billionaire status you are out of cash-society (and completely out of the mainstream). You lose touch with reality.

Nobody really understands bitcoin. You can read all the articles you want. Bitcoin is an anomaly because its based on the conservation of the circle which, unless you are reading this, virtually no one understands. Bitcoin takes the centralized function away from centralizers (so we know it’s not going to happen anytime soon). Removing the centralizers carries with it existential problems. Anarchy does not bode well for anyone, especially the anarchists.

So, we’re back to cash.

We have to multiply global GDP by four in order to get everyone working, making, and spending, money, and contributing to society (whatever that means). Until this happens, you will smell more and more pot around you, because the plants know what’s going on and are staging themselves to take over (getting us all back into the jungle) (where we started).

It’s circular.

No way around it.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.