The Ontological Variable

Where does ‘life’ come from? The answer may surprise you.

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Everybody knows a circle is the basis for reality. Ontology included. And, ontology, assumed.

That is, ‘to be, or not-to-be’ is handled, and defined, by the ontological variable that we are using in technology to understand philosophy.

The ontological variable looks like this:

The Ontological Variable

Zero and One: Life in General

The ontological variable combines the ‘zero’ and the ‘one’ because the conservation of a circle is the basis for reality. Or, more simply, an uber-simple circle is comprised of one zero and one one (one circumference and one diameter). Which is the basis for many ‘zeroes’ and many ‘ones.’ (Technology in general).

Conservation of a Circle (Circumference and Diameter)
Zero (Circumference)
One (Diameter)

We can notice, the conservation of a circle controls the zero and the one. Known in mathematics as the numbers ‘one’ and ‘two.’ From which all the other numbers (mathematics in general) (operations in general) (analyses in general) are derived.


Exposing the ontological variable as a diagram that can be labeled life and death. (Nature in general.)

Life and Death

X and Y: Mathematics in General

Any X and-or Y. Because you need ‘and’ in order to have ‘or.’ And, always, vice versa.

X and Y
X or Y

That is, technically, even though we use mathematics to inter-react with Nature, there is, from Nature’s point of view, no X or Y (no X and Y) (no circumference and diameter).

This means, from Nature’s point of view, there is no such thing as ‘ontology.’

Observer and Observation: Pi in General

Because an always-observable ‘circle’ has control. (X = Y)

Observer and Observation (Nature in General) (X = Y)

Meaning, if you want to understand ‘ontology,’ or the ontological variable, ‘pi’, then, has control. Meaning, ‘pi’ (the mathematical name for Nature in general) (the mathematical name for reality in general) (the mathematical name for ‘mind’ in general) is responsible for ‘life’ and ‘death’ (everything in Nature).

Where the circular relationship between ‘life’ and ‘death’ (X and Y) (0 and 1) is what controls, and explains, them both. Technically, because a circle has control (pi has control), life is canceled out by death, and death is canceled out by life. Or, in other words, life is the defense mechanism for death, and death is the defense mechanism for life. Which is what ‘religion’ (philosophy in general) teaches (is all about).

Meaning ‘pi’ (called ‘God’ in some religions) is the background state (the constant and the norm) in Nature.

Conservation of the circle is the core, and, therefore, the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining, and controlling, life and death (beginning and end in any system).




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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