The Paradox Called Life

Circular reality (50–50 everything) is challenging, yet rewarding, if you are patient.

Circular time.

It doesn’t take much to realize life is a paradox. You can remember being born, leaving a cozy womb for bright lights, and lots of noise. Wondering if that was the end. Listening very carefully to everything around you. Finding, hopefully, and, eventually, something comforting, to get you over-the-hump, into-space-time-reality.

Space Time Reality

And, then you repeated (are repeating) this dynamic. Over. And over. And over again.


We handle many challenges to live. We have to survive to reproduce, and we have to reproduce to survive, and, as an individual, we are permanently engaged in a circular relationship with everything around us. In order to survive (and reproduce). In order that ‘everything,’ around ‘us,’ is able to ‘survive,’ and, ‘reproduce.’

This brings rewards. And challenges.

Rewards and Challenges

It takes time to understand this. Even now. To experience the challenges. To experience the rewards. And to learn about the patience required. To get through the next challenge. To get to (and believe in) the next reward.


Something got you here. Who knows what. Or why. Or when. How. With whom. Or where.

You do. And, that’s enough. For you.

For all of us. Eventually. Because there is a constant challenging (and rewarding) ‘circle’ allowing for everything that happens. Everything called ‘me and you…’

50–50 (Me and You)

Conservation of the circle explains, and then resolves, the paradox called life. For you. For me. For everyone. It’s 50–50 everything. The constant. And, the norm.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.



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