The Physics Behind Mathematics

Understanding the Special Purpose Acquisition Company…

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A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) has one goal: to maximize (monetize) (and, possibly, teach) the physics behind mathematics.

Where the ‘physics behind mathematics,’ always, looks like this:

Mathematicians do, not, necessarily, understand the physics behind mathematics, which is why, and, also, how, the SPAC exists.

That is, if you ‘truly’ understand mathematics, you will want to ‘monetize’ your ‘understanding’ of mathematics. Of, course.

So, mathematics, is first, and foremost, always, about monetization.


If you ask a billionaire to explain this you will probably get a different explanation than if you ask a mathematician.

You can try this for your ‘self.’ Where any ‘self’ is, supposedly, equal, to any other ‘self.’ If this is ‘true, you would not get different explanations.

However, in the world of SPACs, differentiation and similarization (similarity), are the same.


The Egyptians used ‘similarity’ (similarization) in order to construct the pyramids. That is, the number ‘three’ is the same as, always, the number ‘two.’

This is the basis, and the physics behind, mathematics.

That is, zero and one, is, always, one and two, which explains the numbers ‘two’ and ‘three.’


This forms the basis for all of the ‘numbers’ and all of the ‘algorithms’ in, what a human calls ‘mathematics.’

That is, zero and one (circumference and diameter), defines the physics behind mathematics.

Circumference and Diameter

This proves the human brain is, more correctly, or, mathematically, articulated, or ‘identified,’ as ‘pi.’


This, also, explains, and proves, the mathematics behind probability. Where the constant (and the norm) is always 50–50. Where the binary system and the decimal system are both derivatives of ‘pi.’

0–1 (Binary and Decimal)

This means only half-the-population, at any given ‘time,’ can ‘understand’ the physics behind mathematics. Because you cannot have a whole without a half (and, always, vice versa).

50–100 (Half and Whole)

Therefore, growth, and-or appreciation, is relative, and relativity is, more technically, circularity.

Relativity and Circularity

Where, in a relative reality, zero is not equal to one, and, in a circular reality, zero is always equal to one. Which is guaranteed to confuse the human.

Is and Is-Not

That is, negation articulates duplication. And, again, always, vice versa.

So, technically, nothing goes to ‘zero.’ And, technically, everything goes to ‘one.’ Or, ‘zero.’ With nothing in between. (Where, technically, zero is ‘one.’)

This gives us, what a human labels, logic. Which is, always, subject to interpretation. Because everything is, then, half-true, and, half-false. No matter the interpretation (it is, always, half-correct) (meaning, it is always correct).

True and False

This explains the SPAC. How, and, why it exists, and how, and why, it ‘works.’ That is, 50–50 is the constant, so, bringing something ‘to market’ ensures, it will ‘go up, then down, and then back up again.’

Up and Down

Where, in the world of applied mathematics (finance) an asset is always a liability, and, always, vice versa.

Asset and Liability

This explains why many ‘bets’ return at least, and at most, one huge appreciation. Which cannot be ‘timed.’ Which explains why the SPAC takes fees up front. Bringing many different ‘opportunities’ to market. Not just ‘one.’

And this is all there is to the physics behind mathematics. Half will never understand this. Explaining why we continue to study ‘physics’ and ‘finance.’ And, of course, mathematics. Why not every ‘one’ can create, and-or, be successful with, a SPAC.

Conservation of the circle is the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining why physicists are not interested in finance, and why financiers are not interested in physics. And, technically, neither group is interested in mathematics.

Conservation of the Circle

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