The Physics Behind Psychology

How complementarity and identity intersect. Explaining Nature and ‘reality.’

The physics behind psychology. (Photo by DC Lovensky)

There is a mandatory circular relationship between any X and Y. It looks like this:

X and Y

To decipher, or ‘decode’ the diagram, you need to notice, a circular relationship involves diameter and circumference (in human terms, male and female).

Diameter and circumference (male and female).

From here, you can decide to notice, X and Y is 0 and 1 (yin and yang in ancient renderings of science and religion).

X and Y. 0 and 1. Yin and Yang.

You can also decide to ‘notice’ zero and one is one and two. And, now, it gets confusing.

Zero and one. One and two.

However, this is easier than it seems. Complementarity is the basis for identity. For example, day and night. For ‘day’ you need ‘night’ (and vice versa). They are dependent on each other. They share a circular relationship with ‘each other.’

Day and night. Complementary identity.

This applies, then, to any X and Y. Physics and psychology, for example. Meaning, you cannot have one without the ‘other.’

Physics. Psychology.

Again, this applies to biology and technology. As referenced above, zero and one. Female and male.

Biology and Technology.

Again, some conventional ‘pairs’ we’re used to in psychology: introvert and extrovert, emotional and intellectual, sensing and intuiting. These are Carl Jung’s archetypes. Again, you can’t be ‘one’ without the ‘other.’

Introvert and extrovert. Emotional and intellectual. Sensing and intuiting.

So, now you can, easily see, the complementary identity that’s present for all human ‘beings.’ We’re 50–50, all of us, introverted, extroverted, emotional, intellectual, sensing, intuiting. Complementarity is required for any ‘identity.’


This takes us back to ancient times, when man was trying to decipher the difference between the sun and the moon. This is the basis for the ancient religious idea of yin and yang. Which was, and still ‘is,’ the basis for science.

Again, complementary identity.

X and X’

We can extend this, now, via ‘algebra’ (mathematics in general) to say X and X’ is X and Y. Is, necessarily, X and X. Explaining basic reproduction (repetition).

X and X’. X and Y. X and X.

And, from here it’s easy to see the physics of psychology (and the psychology of physics). It’s all dependent on an uber-simple circle. Explaining rotation, revolution, radiation. Electricity, magnetism, gravity.

Conservation of the circle.

This also explains technology. Data science. Information analysis.

If zero, then one. If one, then zero.

Because zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally. And, figuratively.

Zero and one. Circumference and diameter. Literal and figurative.

Proving, after all is said and done, Nature is ‘intelligent.’ Explaining artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine ‘learning.’

Natural ‘intelligence.’

It’s where (and how) we get a sensor and a switch.

Sensor. Switch.

How we’re able to ‘loop’ and ‘point’ in coding (programming in general).

Loop. Point. Code.

Explaining human behavior. Behavior in general. In Nature, and, reality.

Behavior. Universally.

And that’s all there is to ‘everything.’ Really.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature (explaining physics, psychology, philosophy, technology, biology, identity, complementarity, mathematics, in general).



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