The Relationship between Physical and Symbolic Reality

Reality. (Photo by Faye Cornish)

There is a hidden circle between any X and Y, therefore, it’s obvious (physical) reality is symbolic. This means the universal symbol, or universality, universally (the unit), is a circle. This solves the problem called ‘unification,’ also known as ‘unitization.’

Unification. Unitization.

It also answers the question, ‘Is the universe intelligent?’.

Intelligence, absolute, and artificial, is based on the (hidden, abstract) circular relationship between X and Y (a universal complement) (Zeno’s paradox). The master algorithm called ‘Nature.’

That is, you cannot have X without X (X without Y) because duplicity is the basis for a unit (complementarity is the basis for identity.) Therefore, complementary opposition (the argument, the fight) is ubiquitous (required) in nature.

Complementary identity. (Conservation of a a circle.)

This is formally identified: Conservation of the Circle.

The circular relationship between zero and one, produces zero and one (circumference and diameter) also known as the informational state, the entangled state, the relative state, the symbolic state, the supra-conscious state, the enlightened state, the nation state.

Therefore, symbolic reality (mathematics and physics) articulates (conserves, and preserves) a circle. Meaning, pi is the only observer (pi controls reality) (a hidden 50–50 balances nature).

Symbolic (physical) reality.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.

Think it through:



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