The ‘Singularity’

‘You’ in a circular-linear (self-referential) relationship with ‘yourself.’ The ‘tokenized’ state.

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The ‘Singularity’

The singularity (in Nature) is a concrete-abstraction (think: tokenization) of the circular-linear relationship between ‘me’ and ‘you.’ Also, known as, ‘me’ and ‘me’ (‘you’ and ‘you’). (Any and every ‘me.’) (Any and every ‘you’.) Explaining the ontology, and, thus, the epistemology, of technology and finance (physics and psychology) (biology and philosophy). The abstract ‘object.’ The notion of ‘self.’ Any NFT (non-fungible and-or fungible token). The ‘genetics of information.’


In ancient times: North-South, East-West (think: Anemos in Ancient Greek Religion and Myth…)


In ‘modern’ times (think: Quantum Reality) (Quantum Relativity) (Quantum Identity):

Quantum Reality

And, thus, the ‘Universe’ (think: Cosmological ‘Constant’) (Unification) (Unitization) (General Relativity):

Cosmological Constant (Quantum Relativity) Universe


Thus, multiplicity (duality) (duplication) (negation) (variation) obfuscates (confuses everyone about) the singularity (think: Chaos) (and Complexity):

Chaos (Complexity)

A whole and its parts (think: singularity of singularities):

Singularity of Singularities

A ‘self’ in a circular-linear relationship with ‘self’ (think: you in a circular-linear relationship with you):

Self (Selves) (Anti-Self) (Other-Self) (Friend-Enemy) (50–50 Good-Bad Self)


Verified (validated) (and tokenized) by ‘you’ in a circular-linear relationship with ‘me’ (think: shared mind):


Conservation of the circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature (think: the diagram is constant, the words describing the diagram are variables, proving, the variable is constant) (a circle is perpetually conserved) (pi in mathematics is the technical term for (individual) (collective) mind).

The Conservation of a Circle (The ‘Singularity’ in Nature)


Sex and the Singularity:

Sex (The Entangled State)

Finance and the Singularity:

Finance (The Tokenized State)

Technology and the Singularity:

Cryptic Universe ((The Information Economy)) (The Metaverse) (The Informational State)

Life (and Death) and The Singularity:

Life and Death (Creation and Destruction) (The Temporary State)

Enlightenment and The Singularity:

The Enlightened State

All of the information in any discipline, in every and any ‘system,’ requires (depends upon) (and proves) The Singularity (think: the genetics of ‘information’) (the circular-linear relationship between any and-or every zero and-or one), and, therefore, we can predict…

The ‘Next’ Generation of Finance

The Circular Theory NFT ) (the financial singularity) (one-zero, one-one) (many-zeroes) (many-ones) (where ‘one’ is the diameter, and ‘zero’ is the circumference, of an always-conserved (and, therefore, always-present) circle) (producing (the decimal system) (the binary system) (exchanges) (markets) (statistics) (currency) (securities) (blockchains) (crypto-tech) (fin-tech) (growth) (appreciation) (depreciation) (inflation) (prosperity) (poverty) (global and local economies)) (assets) (liabilities) (income) (expenses) (profit) (loss)(cash flow) (credit) (debt) (global (and local) (centralized and decentralized) GDP) (monetary authorities) (tax authorities) (perpetual exchange) (leverage) (arbitrage) (the entangled state) (the tokenized state) (the informational state) (the temporary state) (the enlightened state)) (object-oriented reality).

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature.

The ‘Singularity’
General Relativity: Yardley, Ilexa: 9798834520122: Books

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