The Basis for Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality: Specific vs Universal

Half-the-world operates on specifics, the-other-half, universals. So what is universal?

Universal and specific.

Universals are universal. Meaning, there is no such thing as specific. Specific shares a 50–50 circle, always with universal (or else you could not have either).

This takes us to zero and one as X and Y (X and X) (X and X’).

You cannot have anything without a zero (and-or a one). This means zero has to be one (50–50 is 100–0) (101–0) (99–01). Depending on your point of view. The number of ‘decimal places’ you believe is ‘reality.’ Your reality, if you are a coder.

Meaning, everything is universal.

The conserved circular relationship between a zero and a one (conservation of a circle) is the basis for sequence, which is the basis for a string, which is the basis for the manipulation of a string, which is the basis for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and technology in general. Allowing a specific technologist to function. Universally.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.