The Technological Meme

The circular-linear relationship between notation and location (think: crypto-currency) proves tokenization controls reality.

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There is a circular-linear relationship between notation and location (because there is a circular-linear relationship between any X and Y).


The Technological Meme

This produces a technological meme. Because there is, also, a circular-linear relationship between a zero and a one (circumference and diameter).

Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter
Technological Meme

This explains technology and networks. And, also, then, the human mind. (A universal mind.)

This is because the binary system and the decimal system are both dependent on the zero and the one (the movement of a zero and a one) (circumference and diameter) (as are all systems).

Meaning the binary system and the decimal system are, both, notational and locational. This is because a circular-linear relationship produces (and depends on) (is in a circular-linear relationship with) ‘pi.’ (Also, known, in physics, as, an ‘anyon.’)

Binary System
Decimal System


This explains price performance, price discovery, and the whole idea of exchange (nodes on a network). Also known as crypto-currency.


Where prices in a market are produced via exchange. As is information on a network. Meaning a network is a technological meme for a market, where both are technological memes for exchange.


Where a meme (information in general), then, is a token, always, for exchange. Where a meme and a token are, technically, the same.


Notational Location (Locational Notation)

Where the token for a meme, and the token for exchange (meme for a token) are the same, because they are different.


Where, technically, everything is both a meme and a token for exchange. Explaining the circular-linear reality of the tokens ‘same’ and ‘different.’ Same notation, different location. Same location, different notation.


And this is because X and Y (0 and 1) is, always, X and X (0 and 0). Where X can be either X or Y (0 or 1). This is because pi cannot distinguish between circumference and diameter (meaning you need both in order to have either).

Explaining why the diagram (below) (the token below) is the constant for a meme (the reality called exchange) (the reality called change).


Meaning, technically, everything is exchangeable (expungible) (fungible) (explaining change).

Where everything changes (everything moves) even though nothing is changing (nothing is moving).

Thus, the technological meme is constant (all zeroes) in order for everything to change (one one). Thus, the variable is constant. Explaining (the required circular-linear relationship between) dark and light ‘energy.’



Conservation of a Circle (One Zero) (One One) is the only dynamic in Nature.

Where Nature is a biomemetic token (the circular-linear relationship between notation and location) (the circular-linear relationship between zero and one) for the technological meme (the diagram(s) above) (below).

Meaning everything in Nature is a token (think:technological meme) for everything else in Nature. Explaining the interest in (and the creation of) (and the continual exchange of) crypto-currency. (Tokenization in general.)


Meaning: technically, there is only one token (meme) in Nature (and you are certainly smart enough to ‘see’ this): the token for tokenization (the diagram).

The technological meme (more, technically, the biomemetic token) explains Nature (your ability to see and inter-react with everything (all of the crypto-currency) in Nature):

Same notation, different location. Same location, different notation
The Technological Meme (Biomemetic Tokens) (Circular-Linear Relationship Between X and X)

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, thus, the only, dynamic in Nature. Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
The (Real) Theory of Everything, Yardley, Ilexa —

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