The (Real) Theory Of Everything

Conservation of the Circle

An uber-simple, always-conserved, innocent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, ‘circle’ is beneath, and ‘over,’ what a human labels ‘reality.’

Theory of Everything

This is easy to ascertain. Rotation. Revolution. Radiation. Electricity. Magnetism. Gravity. They all depend on X and Y. Yin and yang (ancient). Zero and one (modern). Something every body knows.

This means we already have a ‘theory of everything’ at our disposal. We use it every day. It is the core assumption for all of our activities. The ‘number’ ‘two,’ in mathematics. The term ‘movement’ in physics (and English). The concept of ‘unit’ in all of science. And the idea of ‘God’ in all of philosophy.

The interrelationship between id, ego, and superego (one, two, three) (pi, diameter, circumference), would not be possible without an underlying ‘circle.’ Meaning, human behavior, in general, is dependent on a circle.

This reduces to a pair of pairs. (Think ‘Noah’s ark.)

Which reduces to a ‘unit.’ Any time. Any place. Any size. Any speed. Any discipline.

All Symbols Symbolize the Circle

Giving us symbols, in general. Data. Information. Language. Images. Mathematics. Music. Art. Algorithms.

Symbol as a noun. And symbolize as a verb. All the nouns and verbs (symbols) we use to describe reality (and Nature in general).

Every time we interact with ‘data’ (symbols in general), if you think about it, deeply, we are (you are) (a circle is) conserving an uber-simple circle.

Therefore, we all know, for sure, there is a circular relationship between any X and-or Y.

Meaning, in order to have ‘one’ we have to have ‘two.’ And in order to have ‘two’ we have to have ‘three.’ Ad infinitum. And, et cetera. Meaning, ‘two’ is, technically, the maximum, minimum, only, true, ‘number’ in Nature. The basis for sequence, and movement, the universal system architecture, in all disciplines.

This proves mathematics gives us correct answers half-the-time.

And we can ‘prove’ this, easily, because we know, whatever is present ‘today,’ is not-present ‘tomorrow.’ Where today and tomorrow, like any X and-or Y, must share an uber-simple (always conserved) ‘circle.’

Why would we need to know this?

Circular Reality: Life in General 50–50 Everything

It explains the ups and downs of psychology. The yin and yang of everyday ‘life.’ The ‘reality’ behind ‘reality.’ Why people ‘search’ for answers (in general). How symbolic ecosystems in all disciplines articulate the same underlying ‘reality.’ Why we use ‘symbols’ to interact with Nature.

Meaning life and death (of all species in all disciplines) is guaranteed by the circularity in Nature. Called the ‘circle of life.’

So, why are we continuing to ‘search’ for a ‘theory of everything?’

You can answer this your ‘self.’

An always-present (and conserved)’circle’ means there is no beginning and no end to anything. So, this translates into a constant ‘searching’ for those who ‘like to search.’

From the circle’s point of view, this is not ‘searching.’ It’s just conserving an uber-simple circle. Into a ‘future’ that doesn’t exist.

Meaning everything you learned in religion (philosophy in general) is ‘true.’ Because true and false, like every X and Y, is conserved, again, by an uber-simple circle.

Explanation: All Disciplines

So, there you are. For you explicitly. A ‘theory of everything’ that you can use to explain whatever you need to explain. In physics, philosophy, psychology. In biology, economics, history. In music, art, design. In science and mathematics and technology. It all depends on an underlying assumption(the arithmetic number ‘two.’)

In ‘today’s terminology, all of these are ‘fused’ into ‘intelligent autonomy.’ (Zero and-or one.) (Both and-or either.) (Still and-or moving.)

You don’t need any of these to survive. Nature takes care of survival for ‘you.’ And ‘me.’ And everyone else on the planet. For all of the planets (and stars) in Nature.

Conservation of the circle is the theory of everything we use for (that controls) everything.

To make it simple. 50–50. Yin and yang. Zero and one.

The ‘Constant Variable’ A Hidden (Always Present) Circle

The diagram shows us what is. What will be. What always was. Whatever you want to call it (label the diagram) is ‘fine.’ The diagram is constant. All the words (including ‘you’ and ‘me’): variables.

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Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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