The Three Versions of Time

Pi. Diameter. Circumference. (Linear, And-Or, Circular)

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Conservation of the circle is the obvious core (and only) dynamic in Nature. This means everything is balanced, and controlled, by pi (diameter) (circumference).

Pi (Diameter) (Circumference)


Meaning, any experience, or version, of time (and, thus, reality) is offered, and, then, managed, by ‘pi.’ Also known to humans as ‘mind.’ Your mind. My mind. Universal ‘mind.’

Pi (Mind)

This explains why, and, more, importantly, how, we experience time (and everything else in Nature) in one of two ways: linear, and-or, circular.

Linear and-or Circular

Because ‘pi’ (or your mind) controls ‘reality’ (your reality), you can decide to experience time as linear, and-or, circular. Both, and-or, either.

Both (And) (Or) Either


Meaning, you can adjust your experience(s) by looking at it (them) as a function of time. Or, not. As you, so, choose. Explaining why, as time progresses, we see, and use, both versions of time. Whether we are aware of it. Or, not.

Meaning, we can ‘teach’ ourselves why things happen, thus, in the future, reacting, either the same, or different, when things happen, again.

Or, more simply, because time is both linear and circular, meaning everything changes, even though nothing changes, we are ‘stable’ and ‘unstable’ (secure and insecure) (certain and uncertain) in the very same ‘moment.’


Or, if you prefer, there is no such thing as ‘moment” (any fixed unit of time). Meaning, all time is no time.

Moment (No-Moment)
Same Different

Meaning, from pi’s point of view, there is no such thing as diameter, and-or, circumference (linear or circular time). Just the continual conservation of a circle. No matter what we (any we) (or I) do. Meaning, pi hangs out in the background. (Explaining the whole concept of ‘God.’) (Any individual.) (Any group.) (The circular relationship between individual and group.) Making any foreground possible (and probable).

Conservation of the Circle

This explains how everything comes ‘to be.’ And, then, ‘not to be.’ As Shakespeare put it, at every ‘moment,’ imaginary, or real, we are (everything is) choosing ‘to be, or not to be.’ That is the question (and, therefore, the answer) (why everyone ‘seeks’ answers of any kind).

Knowledge (Language in General)

Once you are exposed to this type of thinking, you acquire a much needed ‘understanding’ about time. Instead of acting and reacting to individual, or grouped, data (points), you now see the ‘whole’ picture.

Knowledge (Data)
Whole (Part)
Group (Individual)

Conservation of the circle is the obvious core (and, therefore, the only) dynamic in Nature. (The explanation for time (and ‘language’) in general.) (How, and, also, why, time (and, therefore, language) comes ‘to be.’)



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