The Tokenization of ‘Reality’

How ‘virtual intelligence’ and ‘artificial reality’ intersect. Think: Foucault, Deleuze, Nietzsche. And, NFT.

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Everything we do as humans involves tokenization. We can start with NFT. That is, any person can create an NFT (and-or many NFTs). So we have to dig more deeply into NFT.


A non-fungible token is the fixed (circular-linear) relationship between a string of characters and a singular ‘character.’ Where the word ‘character’ can be translated, for an easier-understanding, to ‘object.’ (And-or, subject.)

Where it’s impossible to have an object without a subject, and, always, vice versa.

Object and-or Subject

The diagram is showing us (and telling us) it is impossible to have the number one without the number two. And, also, it is, then, impossible to have an abstract object (and-or subject) without a concrete object (and-or subject).

One and-or Two
Abstract and-or Concrete


This is because there is a circular (and-or linear) relationship between any ‘one’ and ‘two.’ Where ‘numbers’ are ‘tokens’ for ‘reality.’ And ‘reality,’ then is a token for the circular-linear relationship between any ‘two.’ (One and-or two).

Circular and-or Linear
Token and-or Reality

That is, technically, before we ‘move’ on to any ‘understanding’ of ‘reality,’ we have to understand, first and foremost, everything in reality is a token for the circular relationship between ‘one’ and ‘two.’ (Any, and-or every, ‘one’ and-or ‘two.’)

This may seem complex, at first, but, in reality, it is extremely simple. The diagram articulates everything a human experiences, and-or interprets (and, thus, represents) as ‘reality.’ Meaning everything in reality is the tokenization of a circle. Explaining NFT.


Meaning, no matter how complex (or simple), reality can only be represented, and, interpreted, by (and, more important, as) the diagram.



This means you have complete control of your reality. Since you are (we all are) a non-fungible token (only ‘one’ of you, physically, many ‘you’s’ in your mind). This is because you (and me) (all of the ‘yous’ and ‘me’s) are nothing more, or less, than the diagram.

You and-or Me (Abstract and-or Concrete)

Yes. This takes some time to ‘think’ through. But, again, it’s actually very simple. You cannot apply ‘words’ to ‘people’ without the diagram (we are always tokenizing everything when we use words to describe anything).

Thus words do not provide knowledge. This is, actually, what Foucault (and Deleuze) were trying to ‘say.’ It is also what Nietzsche said (although he was into this idea much more deeply).

Nietszche was concerned with ‘death.’ As is everyone. That is, what is death, actually? It is the circular relationship between any ‘zero’ and any ‘one.’ Meaning, there is no ‘death.’ And this is something all of us, already, know (consciously and subconsciously).

Life and Death


The ‘trick’ (or ‘game’) is, then, to ‘enjoy’ life, even though we, always, and, already, ‘know’ it’s transient. Think: virtual intelligence and artificial reality.

So, this, philosophically, and psychologically, is the reason for tokenization. We use tokenization to ‘take up time.’ While we’re waiting to die, basically.

Since we’re here to pro-create in order that an uber basic circle be ‘conserved.’

That is, within a circle, you cannot have a circumference without a diameter, explaining why everything moves, even though nothing ‘underneath’ is moving. (Explaining quantum physics.)

Circumference and Diameter


Between and around any X and-or Y (any X and-or X) ‘exists’ an uber-basic (always present) circle, turning every X into a circle (the diagram), again, explaining, and proving, tokenization (is an other word for a circle).

That is, everything in technology depends on X and Y (0 and 1) because the zero and the one is a circumference and a diameter. Otherwise, you could not move a zero to a one (you could not create a ‘register’ (memory) and you could not move anything into the ‘register’ (memory)).

Meaning without the conservation of a circle we could not tokenize anything (and, vice versa, if you think about it, carefully).

Thus, everything we do is the tokenization for an uber-simple circle. Think: TikTok (ZeroOne). There you go.


Conservation of a Circle controls (and explains) everything. Meaning, if you think this through, you can make better choices about the words you use (the narrative you are creating) to describe ((think: tokenize) your ‘self’).

You can also sidestep all of the ‘detours’ in human experience called ‘philosophy,’ ‘physics,’ and ‘psychology.’ Since human knowledge articulates (and tokenizes) an uber-simple circle (the diagram above) you can use ‘knowledge’ any way you want (in Foucaultian terms: you have the power to interpret (and to create) ‘knowledge’).

So, you have complete control of your reality (not mine). I have complete control of my reality (not yours). Even though we can ‘tokenize’ each others’ realities.’ Reality is the tokenization of an uber-simple circle.


This is because, technically, pi controls everything (pi is the technical term for what a human labels ‘mind’). Meaning, and, you already ‘know’ this, there is no such thing as ‘reality.’

So, that’s it. Have fun. Euclid’s Error: The Mathematics behind Foucault, Deleuze, and Nietzsche eBook: Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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