The Universal System Architecture of Nature

(0( 1 )0) = (50–50) — Explains (and ‘proves’) (cryptic) (cyclical) ‘reality.’ Provides the architecture for a quantum information system.

Photo by Jievani Weerasinghe on Unsplash

The universal system architecture of Nature looks like this:

(0( 1 )0)

Meaning, whatever is happening in Nature, the universal architecture never changes. Forcing everything in Nature to continually ‘change.’

Another way of saying this is: everything changes even though nothing is changing. Thus, the ‘constant’ is a ‘variable,’ and, perpetual motion is absolute zero.

This is because any (and every) X and Y (X and X) (X and X’) are the circumference and diameter of an always-conserved circle (zero is circumference) (one is diameter) meaning, the ‘constant’ in Nature is ‘one-zero’ and ‘one-one’ (one circumference and one diameter) (female and male).

Meaning, Nature, and all of its constituents, are tokenizations for (the conservation of) a circle.

Tokenization (Conservation of a Circle)

Explaining, and proving, a cryptic, cyclical, reality, which is continually producing, because it can only be produced by, a frameless frame of reference (a circle in the background)(allowing humans to construct tokenized systems) (binary systems) (decimal systems) (logarithmic systems) (algorithmic systems).

Meaning ‘pi’ is the only ‘observer.’ (X) and-or (Y). (Zero and-or One).


Conservation of a Circle is, thus, the core (and, thus, the only) dynamic in Nature. The Universal System Architecture of Nature: Conservation of a Circle eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store
How Music Communicates ‘Reality’ (The Universal System Architecture called ‘Nature’)
Yin and Yang (Ancient) Zero and One (Modern) X and X (An Omnipresent ‘Beat’) (One Zero) (One One)

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