The Universals

Circularity is involved in everything (pi is the only observer).

Pi is the universal observer.

1. Universal Duplicity: Complementarity, Reproduction, Sequence 
 Complementarity is the basis for identity (X and Y is X and X’).
2. Universal Identity (Universality): Always, Never, Sometimes 
Duplicity is the basis for a unit. (X and Y is X and X.)
3. Universal Relativity: More or Less, Here and There, Then and Now 
Integration is the basis for differentiation. (Equal sign represents a circular relationship.) (X is X and X is-not X)
4. Universal Uncertainty: Why and How, Possibility and Probability, Observation and Speculation 
Relativity is the basis for uncertainty. (Everything is relative.) (Everybody knows this.) (X is Y is X and Y)
5. Universal Insecurity: Volatility, Complexity, Chaos 
Uncertainty is the basis for security. (No yin without yang.) (X is X’)
6. Universal Ideology: Assumption, Expectation, Modification 
Assumption is the basis for observation. (Expectation is experience, and vice versa.) (X to-and-from X is X and X)
7. Universal Actuality: Why and How, When and Where, Who and What 
Duplication (negation) is the basis for actualization. (Duplication is negation, and vice versa.) (X and Y is 0 and 1) (Circumference and Diameter)