The Zero and the One: Where Do They Come From?

Radiation. Rotation. Revolution. Electricity. Magnetism. Gravity.

Zero and one.

Technology drives everything because the zero and the one is basic physics. Radiation. Rotation. Revolution. Zero. And, then, one.

This takes us to reality and nature (another zero, and one).

Reality, and our relationship to nature, is dependent on a zero and a one because observation, and measurement, is dependent on a zero and a one. And this answers all the questions we (think we) have about the universe. The universe, like everything else, is a basic zero. And a one. (Circumference and diameter.) (See first paragraph.)

Survival and reproduction, any, and all, systems, then, is based on a zero and a one. Where subject, and object, must share, like everything else, a circular relationship (a zero, and one).

So, binary and decimal, are, also, nothing more, or less, than, zero and one. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning. A zero and a one. Meaning everything reduces (and expands) to one zero. And one one.

Your survival depends on it.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.