Transfiguration: The Relationship Between Technology and Religion

Ilexa Yardley
Aug 4 · 3 min read

The bible (any sutra): the first self-help book.

Technology and Religion (Photo by Wilsan U Aiuls)

Religion is dependent on the zero and the one (yin and yang). As is technology. Because there is a circular relationship between any yin and yang (zero and one) (religion and technology).

Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for a unit. Any, every, unit. Where, in a biblical (sutra) symbolic ecosystem, there is a circular relationship between god and man (abstract and concrete universe) (abstractions in general).

This means the ‘transfiguration’ articulated in religion is the same as the ‘assignment’ function in technology. Without which there would not be either (technology or religion). Note: the double negative.

Double. Negative.

Deeper Look: Zero and One

So, we have to take a deeper look at zero and-or one, in order to understand the relationship between religion and technology. The ‘abstract’ and ‘concrete.’

Where there is a mandatory circular relationship between any X and-or Y (zero and-or one) because the zero is circumference, and the one is diameter, where the moderator (mediator) (background state) is ‘pi.’

When we think of ‘pi’ we think of 3.14, one-seventh, a ‘number’ that defines the mathematical (required symbolic) relationship between diameter and circumference.


Broader (Technical) View of ‘Pi’

However, we can broaden our understanding of the symbol ‘pi,’ which is a proxy for the number ‘two.’ Where the number ‘two’ (pi) provides the ‘background state’ for everything. Explaining the circular relationship (the abstraction and metaphor) ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ (abstract and concrete).

This allows us to understand the circular nature of Nature, as the basis for technology. And, by deduction, correspondence, and substitution, then, religion. Any discipline, actually.

This means ancient ‘books’ (symbols) articulate the constant symbolic relationship between circumference and diameter, also known as yin and yang. Where ‘ancient books’ were (are) the first self-help books (helping people to negotiate Nature’s circular reality). Ancient symbolic systems use ‘words’ to articulate ‘math’ (numbers in general).


Explaining ‘transfiguration’ in a Catholic mass. And, then, and therefore, the removal of ‘time’ as the background state for everything (anything).

Where ‘time’ is the linear relationship between X and Y, and ‘space’ is the circular relationship between X and Y.

Meaning, time is both linear and circular. From Nature’s point of view: no time. No space. Just an uber-simple circle.

Linear and Circular (Time and Space)

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature. Explaining religion, technology, and the circular relationship between them (Nature in general).

The Circular Theory

Ilexa Yardley

Written by

Author, The Circular Theory

The Circular Theory

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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