The Tokenization of Thought

Yesterday and today prove the conservation of a circle. Therefore, you are (always) using circular logic to prove (and present) your ideas.

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The Tokenization of Zero and One

It is not possible to get away from, or move away from (overcome), the interdependence of the ‘zero,’ and-or, the ‘one.’ You need both to have either. This is because the ‘zero’ is, more technically, a circumference, and the ‘one,’ is, more technically, a diameter. Something Jesus (of Nazareth) used to preach forgiveness (and life everlasting) (life before and after death) (using the tokenization of (the circular relationship between) father and son). Explaining why Christianity had such a major impact on human development.

Some think this impact was (and-or is) awesome, and others (half and half, to be exact) think the opposite. This is because, and only because, zero and one is a tokenization of half and half (and, also, then, half and whole). It is impossible to have a father without a son (half without half) (half without whole) (zero without one).

So this is why, no matter who you are, you are, always, trying to prove: everything you are saying today, you were saying yesterday. Yesterday and today prove the conservation of a circle. Therefore, you are (always) using circular logic to prove (thus, tokenize) your ideas.

Conservation of a Circle

Circular Logic: Endemic to All Thinking

So, this means, techically, no one can know anything that anyone else doesn’t already know. And, again, because a circle is consistently ‘conserved’ all of us know this. Explaining arguments (of all kinds, in all disciplines, in all cultures).

Thus, it is impossible to ‘get ahead,’ know something today that you didn’t know yesterday, or know something yesterday that you still do not know today.

Explaining why people eventually disconnect, or why they want to disconnect. In philosophical terms (and also in physics) (in technological terms), people eventually realize detachment is the only way to peace (and prosperity). (Accept that no matter what you are thinking, half will, naturally, disagree.)



Conservation of the circle is the only dynamic in Nature. No matter what you’re thinking, or how you express your thoughts, you already know this (and so does everybody else) (pi is the technical term for what humans experience as (their) ‘mind’) (explaining why and how all of the abstractions that allow us to inter-react with Nature are tokenizations of the same uber-simple circle (pi-diameter-circumference) (no matter how it is expressed). Biomemetics: The Tokenization of Reality eBook : Yardley, Ilexa: Kindle Store

Everything about biomemetics… (and decisioning…)

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