How Technology is Replacing Physics

Technology has identified the motivation for nature. And, the circular relationship, responsible for mind, and Nature.

Space and time.

Space-time reality is proposed by Albert Einstein and, supposedly proven, by everyone that followed (him). That is, he began with X and Y, and followed through with space and time. Meaning, today, Albert Einstein is an icon (a substitute for the complementary idea called ‘genius.’)

He went along with the conventions of the day: Galileo’s proposal the sun is at the center of the galaxy, and conventional mathematics, one-two-three is a linear equation.

He failed to account for the circular relationship between mind and matter (his mind) (any mind), and, also the circular relationship between radiation, rotation, and revolution. Also, hydrogen and water. Observer and observation (measurer and measurement).

Observer and Observation (Pi, Diameter, Circumference)

Meaning, zero and one is circumference and diameter. Literally. And, figuratively.

So, that sums everything up. And, also corrects his mistake(s). Explaining why (and how) technology is on its way to replacing physics (necessary for physics to continue).

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (pi-diameter-circumference is one-two-three is radiation-rotation-revolution).




Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature.

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Ilexa Yardley

Ilexa Yardley

Author, The Circular Theory

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