Understanding Half-Time

The circular relationship between constant and variable (always and never).

Half-time. (Photo by Kate Joie)

We’re always living in half-time. Whether we ‘know’ it or not. And, whether we ‘believe’ it or not. Half-time looks like this (to Nature) (and, to us, if we want to ‘go there…’).


This means, no matter where we are in ‘time,’ we’re only, and, always, half-way ‘there.’ Because there is a mandatory circular relationship between here and there. And, also, then, ‘then’ and now.

Here and there.
Then and now.

This is because zero and one is, literally, and, figuratively, 0, and, or, 1 (circumference and diameter).

Zero and-or one.

The Constant-Variable (One and Two)

It, also, means the ‘diagram’ can be ‘labeled’ one and-or two. (Two and-or three.) (Three and-or four.) Any ‘number’ (or set of numbers) you can think of.


This is because there is a circular relationship between any X and Y (X and X) (X and X’).


This is because there is mandatory circular relationship between ‘constant’ and ‘variable.’

Constant variable.

Explaining why everything is 50–50. No matter how you roll (circulate) the dice.


Meaning ‘two’ is the ‘magic’ number. (Required number.) (Constant number.)

The Complementary-Identity (Zero and One)

Explaining why complementarity is the basis for identity (light and dark, fast and slow, big and little, etc). Also known as ‘relativity.’ More correctly labeled ‘circularity.’

Light and dark. Fast and slow. Big and little.

Giving us the basis for physics and mathematics. Observation and observer. Subject and object (symbolism in general).

Symbol. Symbolize. (Noun and verb).

Therefore, we are only ‘half-way’ there (whenever we are going somewhere, since we have to, go somewhere else, or, return to where we came from). Even though this diagram proves, no matter where we ‘go,’ we are always, from at least one point of view, in the same place (we take our ‘self’ with us).

Self centered state.

Explaining how, and, also why, the correct ‘name’ or ‘label’ for mind, without which we could do ‘nothing,’ is, pretty obviously, ‘pi.’

Pi. (Mind and matter,)

Where pi articulates itself as an underlying ‘line,’ which is always both diameter and circumference of a circle.

Diameter and circumference (0 and 1). Literally.

The Circumferential-Diameter (Diametric Circle)

Meaning, if you are asked to draw a circle, you will, normally, draw a circumference, without, fully realizing, you have, necessarily drawn a diameter. Where one is ‘showing,’ while the other ‘hides.’ One is ‘concrete’ while the other is ‘abstract.’ Because you cannot have ‘one’ without the ‘other.’

Abstract and concrete.
Hidden and showing.

Meaning, mathematicians and physicists (all of ‘us’) need to use this diagram if they want to draw a circle. And-or. If they want to draw a ‘line.’ Or, if they, simply, want to understand what’s going on (in Nature, and ‘reality.’)

Circle (correctly rendered).
Line (correctly rendered).

Explaining the constant-variable background. Which is, necessarily, an uber-simple circle. Something every ‘one’ of us can get our ‘head’ around (by using the diagram).

Exposing, why half-the-time I like you. And the other half, definitely, not so much (and this applies to every complementary pair) (any you and me) (know it or not) (like it or not).

Love and hate (light and dark) 50–50.

The Always-Never Half-Time

Meaning, all of us are ‘always’ and ‘never’ at the very same ‘time’ (half X-half Y). Why, half-the-time, we don’t believe in ‘time.’ Because, technically, there’s no such thing as time (just an uber-simple circle) (that can do nothing else but ‘circle’) (circle as a noun) (circle as a verb).

Conservation of the circle is the core (only) dynamic in Nature.




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