Understanding the SemiConductor

From Nature’s point of view…

Photo by Pavel Churiumov on Unsplash

Nature is simple. It ‘looks’ like this (it ‘sees’ everything (any unit at any scale) like this):

Circumference and Diameter

Exposing the ‘true’ dynamic called ‘semiconductor’ (semiconductivity) (superconductivity) (conductivity in general).


You have to use your ‘mind’ to figure this out (eliminate physical redundancy).


Where the ‘true’ name for ‘mind’ is ‘pi.’ Where ‘pi’ is the abstract representation of the circular relationship between circumference and diameter (zero and one).


That is, zero and one is half-the-time zero and zero. And half-the-time zero and one.


Conservation of the circle is the core, and, therefore, the only, dynamic in Nature.




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