Up Close, and Very Personal: All About The Liar

Is honesty overrated? Is it even possible?

Truth. (Photo by Jon Asato)

Is honesty overrated? Is it even possible? Are you a liar? If you say no, come on, admit it, you are, a liar.

The lie is a significant feature of nature. Think of camouflage. Meaning, whatever it takes to protect our selves, and the selves of others, we will do. This, always, includes lying.

We lie when we say we will do anything. When we say anything. Because nature is based on 50–50, and, therefore, we are based on, and driven by, 50–50. Meaning, embedded in nature, is the lie. You can’t trust yourself to tell the truth. You can’t trust anyone. To tell the truth. The truth is always changing.

There is nothing surprising, or confusing, about this, basic, picture. We have the ten commandments, there to guide us, into trying, to tell, the truth. All of the commandments are based on the ‘telling of the truth.’

Therefore, we get in fights, quite regularly, because, either it is impossible to tell the truth, or, it is impossible to know the truth. The truth changes. Minute by minute. Day by day. Which explains the constant turn over in relationships.

Complementarity is the basis for identity because duplicity is the basis for the universe. Any universe. Especially, your universe. Which includes all the other universes, when, you decide to notice (let them in) (kick them out).

Where there is a mandatory circular relationship between an individual and a group. Explaining you. Your universe. All universes. Why even the ‘universe’ is untruthful. It has to get by (recycle itself).

Therefore, we have to come to grips with, accept, and acknowledge, the basic function of, a lie. Protect yourself. Protect others. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. The lie is a basic feature, and a protective mechanism in nature.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic explaining nature.