Upgrading Your Thinking

To Match-Up With Nature

Zero and One (Photo by Vincent van Zalinge)

Zero and one (modern) is yin and yang (ancient) is circumference and diameter in mathematics (physics) and one and two in everyday life (biology).

Zero and One
Yin and Yang
Circumference and Diameter
One and Two

Binary and Decimal

This is why we use the binary system for ‘choice’ and the decimal system for ‘accumulation.’


Meaning we can choose to ‘think’ like Nature, if we want to be in sync with what’s happening around us. Or, not.

Yes and No
True and False

Explaining all of the ‘good’ things in Nature. And, all of the ‘bad.’ All of the ‘right’ things about ‘behavior’ and all of the ‘wrong.’

Good and Bad
Right and Wrong

Space and Time (Intelligence, in General)

Getting our ‘heads’ around the ‘reality’ called ‘space.’ Here and there. Then and now. (Deep Learning) (Intelligence, in General)

Here and There
Then and Now

Meaning, all of the dynamics in Nature (and in our ‘lives’) reduce, and expand, to the number ‘two.’ Where all of the ‘words’ and ‘numbers’ we use to explain ‘reality’ (and Nature) are ‘proxies’ for the number ‘two’ (the diagrams in this article).

Where, especially, the number ‘one,’ is, actually, the number ‘two.’ (Superposition, in general.)

Sex (Nature, Life)
Words, Numbers (One is Two)

Complementary Opposition (Identity)

Where oppositional dynamics are unavoidable. Explainable. And, understandable. Half-the-time X. Half-the-time Y. 50–50 all the way around the ‘clock’ (‘magnet,’ ‘compass’).

50–50 X-Y

And, therefore, boredom (addiction) is on the agenda. Half-the-time. Whether we like it (or know it) or not.

Boredom. Addiction.

Where we have it ‘in’ us, all of us, to work our way through Nature. Or, not. Because patience and resolve is endemic to every system. As is impulsiveness and indecision.

Patient and Impulsive
Resolute and Indecisive

Half-the-Time All-the-Time

Meaning, half-the-time is all-the-time, because all-the-time is half-the-time. Not kidding. Not circular. (Linear is circular, and, always, then, vice versa.)

Half-the-time. All-the-time. (Linear) (Circular)

Where Nature ‘tricks’ all of us with ‘faulty’ observation. Think redundancy and camouflage.

Observation (and Observer).

Meaning, what you see is (and isn’t) what you get. Because everything ‘changes’ even though nothing is ‘changing.’ (The diagram is ‘constant.’)

Everything changes. Nothing is changing.

Half-Right Half-Wrong

Therefore, you don’t have to do anything at all to change your ‘self.’ Nature has taken care of that for you. Explaining why (and how) Nature teaches us ‘as we go along.’ And why everything everyone says about anything is, always, half-right. Half-wrong.

Half right. Half wrong.

Therefore, you can, totally, depend on a ‘psychic’ to tell you what you already ‘know.’ Explaining how mathematics (science in general) and divination are related.

Zero is One. One is Two. (Zero is Two).

So, there it is. If you get this, you get everything. Meaning, whether you realize it, or not, you get it. Everything. Already. Right Now.

All About the 50–50

Conservation of the circle controls reality. Nature (your ‘self’) included. No need to get anxious (or upset) about anything. It’s all about the 50–50. Right. Now.


Invest in The Circular Theory.



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