Using Circular Theory to Expect, and Accept, Opposing Behavior

Access 50–50. Engage 50–50. Accept 50–50.

50–50. (Photo by Reymark Franke)

The Circular Theory presents the obvious possibility, explaining the preponderance, and, use, of, probability. That is, a zero and a one, circumference and diameter, known as female and male (yes and no, true and false) (here and there, then and now) (any X and Y) is the basis for reality (virtual and real).

This is because zero and one is circumference and diameter, literally, and, figuratively.

This means the number ‘two’ is the basis point for mathematics and technology, and, therefore, all the other disciplines. It, also, means, complementarity is the basis for identity, because duplicity is the basis for a unit. Any unit.

This takes us to a universal 50–50. Makes things much easier to understand and accept. 50–50 is the constant, and 50–50 is the norm. Meaning half-of-everything turns into the other half-of-everything. Meaning we live in, and, as, a constant variable (two-state-system).

Therefore, access, engage, and accept the 50–50, and, you’re done. You understand everything. Expect, when you say, everything’s 50–50, to hear, I don’t believe that (you just proved 50–50).

Use it in your language. Instead of saying some, or all, say half. Half of everything is technically one hundred percent correct. This is a universal shortcut, puts you in a continual ‘lead,’ and eliminates all of the superfluous information that is completely unnecessary (and time-wasting).

50–50 is the basis for choice, and, also expectation. So expect to experience your expectations. With 50–50 as the basis, your expectations must come true. And, half-the time, will turn false. Then, turn back to true.

So, every other day. Everything comes true.

A continual oscillation. Nature’s heartbeat. The conservation of a circle.

You get this. It’s true. It's completely up to you.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.