Using What You Already Know to Figure Out What You Want to Do With Your Life

X and Y conserve an uber-basic circle.

X and Y, an uber-basic circle.

There is a circle between you and yourself, and this private ‘circle’ tells you everything you need to know about everything else. It isn’t difficult. To figure out. At all. X and Y is X and X (X and X’).

Therefore, you are always exploring options, and you need the space (and time) to do this. Thus, the attraction, from a human’s point of view, to travel, visiting different ‘time and space’ frames, to get a feeling for the personal, time and space frame, to figure out how to spend a lifetime time and space frame.

This means you already know what you want to do with your life. It doesn’t involve anyone, or anything, else. It involves you.

So this is why we can’t commit to anything. All of us. Any of us. And it explains why there is (constant) turmoil in relationships (that try to tie us down). At the time when hormones are forcing us to mate, mind-mones force us to escape, and this creates a monumental problem (for everyone) (independent of sex) (timeframe) (spaceframe).

Thus, the science fiction solutions to procreation are horrifying yet, from a certain point of view, the only way we can rectify two opposing thoughts (and destinations). This is conservation of a circle controlling us (controlling reproduction) (controlling life) (controlling point of view).

So, now, at least, we have a handle (on why things turn out the way they do). It’s all about our circle (who we let in) (who we keep out) (why we let them in or keep them out) (what we do about it once we realize it’s a circle).