The Existential Questions Behind Venture Capital

How much money is enough? When is enough enough? Would you risk everything? For nothing?

Manipulation of space. (Photo by Tim Mossholder)

Eight billion people in the world and growing. How much money is that in real terms? Not enough. Technology is delivering, and investing, capital at exponential rates. Expecting it will multiply and return, as if some biblical text personifies the seeking, and the attaining, of wealth. Seek and ye shall find.

Technology is also delivering a real-time understanding of the truth. Meaning, any amount of money is not going to change the basic relativity, and the basic circularity, in nature. This is nothing new. The zero and the one share a historical relationship. Complementarity is the basis for identity, ancient yin and yang, modern zero and one.

Thus, linearity, and, its circular relationship to, circularity, produced mathematics, technology, and, all of the human versions of the truth. Including, finance. The financial interpretation of truth.

So, today we have the meaning, and the method, to eliminate all of everything, including, any, and all, of our ‘ideas’ about (the) truth. It is coming to fruition. More than soon. Our biblical ideas, about truth. Explaining the race to space, and the race, to be ahead, in space.

Ahead of space.

Except, no one, yet, has adequately defined the basic unit of space.

Except, this is not true either. Zero and one is X and Y is circumference and diameter of an uber-basic circle. Giving us the answers to all of the questions inserted above. Including, and especially, the basic unit of space.

To exist or not to exist. Virtually. Or in reality. Is there a realty we can depend on? Or, are we making it up, as we, go, along? Do we even need technology? If all we want is to ‘be in space?’ Do we need money? To be in ‘space?’

All of these are questions. Answered by one moment in space. Why we are all driven, by our understanding, and our manipulation of, space. And, of course, then, money. Money. As it relates to. Space. No amount of money is going to get us out of, or in to, space.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.