Virtual Intelligence

The basis for differentiation…the supra-conscious state…how we know intelligence is not located in the brain…

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Intelligence is based on differentiation. That is, X is X, and, thus, X is not-X. This means intelligence is ‘virtual.’ (Definitely, not in the ‘brain.’)

X is X
X is Not-X


That is, there is an implied contradiction in all symbolic representations of reality (physical and abstract). Because there is a forced circular relationship between physical reality and its abstraction (any symbol).

Circular Symbolic Relationship (Concrete Abstraction)

Abstraction is both a noun and verb. Because ‘circle’ is both a noun and verb.



This is because, despite what we ‘see’ around us, everything reduces, and expands, to this diagram (which articulates the conservation of a circle) (and proves ‘pi’ controls intelligence) (and, therefore, ‘reality’ in general).

Which produces, what a human labels, ‘reality.’ Virtual. And, real.


Explaining why technology can reproduce the actions of a human (and, also, the thoughts).



That is, zero and one is circumference and diameter. Of an always-conserved (always present) circle.

Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter

This is all you need to know to know everything that’s discussed here ( It explains how you are able to observe, and, then, decode, what you are observing.


And that’s all there is to ‘intelligence.’ And, also, then, the idea called ‘virtual.’


Producing, for any ‘one,’ the supra-conscious state.

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore the only, dynamic in Nature. You say ‘yin.’ I say ‘yang.’ Making everything in Nature supra-fluous.



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